DIY Sushi Recipe- California Roll


Oh my goodness....I just want to tell you how easy it actually is to make sushi. I have never really been intimidated by food and recipes, but the thought of making sushi kind of scared me a little bit. But I have to tell you, it was honestly … [Read more...]

Shark Date Night

Shark themed date night! A date your guy will love as much as you will. Eat shark themed food, decorate victim sugar cookies and watch Shark Week or JAWS!

Hey guys! I'm Sarah, one half of the creative team at Pretty Providence. My best friend Jessica and I blog about our frugal lifestyles. We love life with a budget. You may think that sounds weird, but it's true. We love saving money on the little … [Read more...]

Easter Date Night

easter date night 1

Turn "being the Easter Bunny" into a fun Easter date night! Last year, I told my husband I was going to plan a date that was out-of-the-ordinary. (He was less than thrilled when I told him it involved crafting with hot glue and … [Read more...]