Red, White and Blue Drinks for 4th of July (And 100+ other ideas!)


Hi guys! We've teamed up with over 100 of your favorite bloggers to share an AMAZING roundup of 4th of July Inspiration! (Keep reading to see the entire list below.) First, here is what we contributed to the list- Red, White and Blue Drinks for 4th of July: How fun are these? This idea is going to change the way you serve drinks at parties forever. Seriously, you won't believe how EASY these drinks are to throw together. And they are so festive- they can go with whatever holiday or event … [Read more...]

Strawberry Julius Recipe


On a hot day, nothing is more refreshing than a great chilly drink. A couple of weeks ago Hubby and I made a stop at Orange Julius. I hadn't been there in years. So good. We have a copycat Orange Julius recipe at home and we have made it tons over the years. However, our little impromptu trip to Orange Julius reminded me that they also sell Strawberry Julius. Oh it was heaven! I immediately set out to put together a recipe for this delightful drink so that I could have endless yumminess in my … [Read more...]

Easter Candy Milkshakes


Want a fun way to use up all the candy the Easter Bunny left behind? Make Easter Candy Milkshakes! The kids and I made these yesterday and everyone agreed- they were delicious!! Here is what you'll need to make your own Candy Milkshakes:   INGREDIENTS 3 cups of vanilla ice cream 1 cup of candy (we used peanut butter eggs for one batch and Robin's Eggs for another- they were both great!) 1/2 cup of creamer (you can add more if you want your shake thinner- ours were very … [Read more...]

Cupid Floats- A Valentine’s Day Drink

Cupid Floats 2

Here is a super simple Valentine's Day drink that you are going to LOVE- Cupid Floats!!! Just like the classic Root Beer Float, this drink is made with soda and ice cream and the result is a creamy, fizzy, FUN thirst quencher! Ingredients: Vanilla ice cream Cherry 7-Up Red licorice Directions: Add a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream to a drinking cup or mug. Fill the cup with Cherry 7-Up. Cut the ends off of 1 strand of red licorice, then place into the cup to use as a … [Read more...]

Watermelon Cooler

watermelon-cooler-featured image

This watermelon cooler is naturally sweetened and perfect for hot summer days! Hi there, Somewhat Simple readers. It's Ashley again, from Kitchen Meets Girl, and I’m so excited to be back again this month to share another recipe with you.  We start school here this week, but it's still warm enough for fun, slushy drinks, so that's what I brought with me today. Watermelon is my all-time favorite summer fruit.  There's just nothing like a big hunk of juicy watermelon on a hot summer's day. … [Read more...]