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Hey guys, please meet my friend Elizabeth: Elizabeth is a wife and mom to 4 boys (yes, the picture above was taken a few years ago and doesn't show her most recent addition.) Liz and I have been neighbors for 8 years. Our boys are best buddies. She teaches my 3 oldest kids piano lessons. She taught my daughter's ballet class. We celebrate family birthdays together,  we watch the Superbowl together... we really just LOVE her and her family!!! In March of this year, Elizabeth underwent her … [Read more...]

Get Fit in 2013

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I'll be honest, I do not LOVE exercising. I love being done with exercising 'cause I always feel better after burning calories, but finding the motivation to get up and get moving is hard for me. Last year I decided I was going to be a runner. This was a stupid big decision for me to make, seeing as though I have never ran an entire mile without stopping. Running the mile in junior high and high school rank right up there with my least favorite memories of my youth! But I realized that all of … [Read more...]

Exercise Block

exercise block

Anyone have a New Year's Resolution to exercise more? Here is a very simple project that should get a few laughs if you make one for your home. I call it the "Exercise Block" and before any of you tune me out, let me say that this is funny, no exercise required! Take A Look: Materials Needed: 1 block of wood (mine was a 4x4.) I bought this wood at Lowes and they cut it for me for free! Scrapbook Paper Mod Podge Sponge Brush Ribbon Printed Directions Directions: 1. Cut 6 squares of … [Read more...]