5 Indoor Activities for Kids

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While many of you are busting out of hibernation after an awfully long winter, those of us who live in Arizona are making our way indoors to avoid the triple digit heat! And because all of the kids have been out of school for weeks now, we've probably heard our fair share of complaints about summer boredom already (please tell me I am not the only one!) So, in an effort to keep the kids busy and away from the TV and video games all day, I wanted to feature 5 fun indoor activities for kids that … [Read more...]

Roll a Snowman- A game for the whole Family!


This snowman dice game can't get any easier to prepare and play! It's great for kids and adults of all ages- my young kids love it, but you could also have your teenage children play it to see who gets out of doing the dishes after dinner- get creative! You will need: -A die -A set of snowman pieces for each player. I made the following printable, you can use it if you'd like! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS PDF Object of the Game: Be the first person to collect all the pieces of your … [Read more...]

Paper Bag Pinatas

At my son's Birthday Party this last month we decided to make Mini Pinata's with his friends. It was such a fun thing to do I thought I would like to share it with all of you. They are easy, fun, and what kid does not like a pinata? First, you need your supplies. You will need two paper lunch sacks per child, some tissue paper, pompoms, crayons, construction paper, scissors and glue. (Or anything else you would like to use.) I cut the tissue paper into strips to make it easier for … [Read more...]