Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids

outdoor activities - mini water beds

The temperatures are rising across the country and before we know it, summer will be in full-swing! To avoid hearing the dreaded saying, "Mom, I'm Bored", we've gathered these handy outdoor summer activities for kids. Some are water activities and … [Read more...]

Couples Party Games

adult party- entertainment guide

If you're looking for some fun couples party games to play at your next get-together, here are some of our very favorite that we've played multiple times that still have us laughing! Whether you're playing with just a few other couples or a huge … [Read more...]

5 Indoor Activities for Kids

homemade gak recipe

While many of you are busting out of hibernation after an awfully long winter, those of us who live in Arizona are making our way indoors to avoid the triple digit heat! And because all of the kids have been out of school for weeks now, we've … [Read more...]