5 Health Tips That Will Change Your Life

5 Health Tips That Will Change Your Life at Somewhat Simple Blissfully Ever After

  Happy New Year! I just spent the past few weeks indulging in life changing experiences that got me ready to make 2013 FABULOUS! On the top of my list, I’ve included improving my health and sharing how to do this with others. Today, I am going to share 5 health tips that will change your life! If you follow along over at my blog you’ve seen my weight loss transformation….I’ve lost 65 pounds so far and totally reshaped my health all without going to a gym, being on FAD diets, or having t … [Read more...]

Healthy Eating Habits

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Chubby babies are the best! (Pictures from Jessica Downey Photo) All 4 of my kids have started out pretty small, ranging from 5.13lbs to 6.13lbs. But by 3 months, they are some of the chunkiest babies you've ever seen! And I love every {squishy} piece of them. A friend of mine who coached high school football told us when Ethan was a baby he wanted to recruit him when he was older because he was "durable." That's one way to put it! I love the "durability" of a chubby baby, but I'm … [Read more...]