Summer Paper Scenes Printable


Summer is just around the corner and I'm equally excited and nervous! There are days I look at the calendar and think, "What are these kids going to do when they get tired of the normal summer activities?" So I enlisted the help of my kids to help … [Read more...]

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Journal for Kids

life according to me 4

We are excited to announce our darling journal for kids is now available in printed copies on Amazon! Save your ink and have these delivered straight to your home! PLUS we've created 20 BRAND NEW PAGES! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE PRINTED COPY … [Read more...]

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L is for Lacing Cards Free Printable


My kids always loved lacing cards. They kept their little hands busy during quiet time at home or while we were waiting at the doctor's office. They were small enough to keep tucked away in our bag and grab out whenever and wherever we needed! And … [Read more...]

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Bathtub Crayons

bathtub crayons

My kids and I had almost as much fun making these bathtub crayons as they did using them! I found several "recipes" online for these, but I ended up makinf my own thing because the recipes I found called for too much water and even after I let them … [Read more...]

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Build A Monster Free Printable


Looking for something to keep little hands busy? Try this adorable Build A Monster Free Printable! Summer is here and we're up to our eyeballs in projects at my house! In fact, I decided to go for the "Best Mom Award" and I moved a craft table into … [Read more...]

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