How to Keep Bananas Fresh


Freshness, wrapped up. As a mom of five kids who happen to LOVE fruit, it can be hard to gauge how much the kids will eat for snacks when their appetites seem different every week. Some weeks the fruit bowl is empty 2 days after I go grocery shopping, other weeks the basket is full of overly-ripe fruit at the end of the week. Oftentimes I will buy green bananas from the store just to give us a little more time before they turn brown and mushy. But somewhere along the way, the ripening … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Fridge Freshness- How to Clean Your Refrigerator

Hands cleaning refrigerator.

How to Clean Your Refrigerator Do you fear a fridge full of foul odors? Are you angered by throwing away outdated food? Nothing feels worse than suspecting the environment inside your fridge is out of your control. Don’t fret - these five tips will take you from a deep clean to organization, helping you keep a cool head when it’s fridge-cleaning time. 1)      Toss Some Salt on That You probably dread cleaning the sticky, crunchy, and puzzling messes you find stuck to surfaces inside … [Read more...]

How to Keep Water from Boiling Over

how to keep water from boiling over

Several weeks ago we were at a friend's house for dinner and I learned a little tip on how to keep water from boiling over your pot! This is simply amazing! All you do is place a wooden spoon over the top of your pot- that is it! The water and foam will boil right up to the spoon and to the edge of the pot but it will not run over the sides and onto your stove- who knew!? I should tell you that the first time I tried this at my home, it didn't work and my husband laughed at me for … [Read more...]