DIY Sushi Recipe- California Roll


Oh my goodness....I just want to tell you how easy it actually is to make sushi. I have never really been intimidated by food and recipes, but the thought of making sushi kind of scared me a little bit. But I have to tell you, it was honestly very easy and fun to make my own DIY sushi. Lately I have created a few different "better than take-out" recipes, and sushi was the last thing on my list. I did a little research, found a great method for making sticky rice, and then I just went … [Read more...]

Tile Menu Board

tiled menu board 3

I am a big-time menu planner, so when my sister in law gave me this tile menu board for Christmas years ago, I pretty much thought it was one of the best presents ever. Even after all these years it still ranks with the microwave as one of the most used items in my kitchen! To make your own, all you'll need are some vinyl stickers and a smooth, ceramic tile. Shiny ceramic is best, natural stone is the worst. You want something with very little grooves so that when you wipe it off, marker … [Read more...]

Are the Dishes Clean or Dirty? Free Printable #CleanItForward

clean and dirty dishes 1

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Finish. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who gets asked "Mom, are the dishes clean or dirty?"  In fact, I hear this question several times a week. So in an effort to help answer this question before it gets yelled in my direction from across the house, I made the above image into a sign with a magnet on the back that is stuck right on our dishwasher.  Here is how to make your own: 1. Download the FREE PDF HERE.  (I made a few different sizes so … [Read more...]

Blog Link Party and Framed Menu Board or To Do List Tutorial

framed menu board 0

Today's blog link party is sponsored by Lowes. This month, Lowes challenged their creative team to make a project using the Pantone Color of the Year. Pantone announced that the color of the year is Radiant Orchid. I don't have a lot of pinks or purples in my home, but this color makes a fun accent color, and I thought a framed menu board will be perfect in my kitchen this spring! If you're not big on menu planning, you could turn this into a calendar, a shopping list or a to-do list. The … [Read more...]

Spice Jar Label Template

Spice Jar Labels - template for circle sticker paper, customizable and with three designs! | via | #diy #kitchen #organize #cooking

Well, our new kitchen is finally coming together! We've got most of the big items out of the way which (naturally) leaes me to fret about the small ones. For months I've been planning a spice jar overhaul, asking friends to collect baby food jars, scoping out ideas on Pinterest. Now I've finally done it! It all came down to these pretty labels. I ordered a few sheets from (OL2088 - 1.5" Circle Labels) and using their template I created these. Aren't they so pretty? It … [Read more...]

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