General Conference Activities- Conference Cash


I am always looking for fun ways to keep my kid's attention while watching General Conference. I've been using the free printable General Conference Activity Packet for the past couple years, and my kids still really love it. But last year I added another idea to my General Conference Activities repertoire- I call it "Conference Cash" and here is how it works! I set up a little "shop" on the table in the family room. The shop has treats and small items from the dollar store, like notepads, … [Read more...]

The Real Meaning of Easter


(Image Source: Mark Mabry) I don't usually get super religious on my blog, but with today being Easter, I wanted to share a video my church put out a couple years ago that I absolutely love. It teaches about the real meaning of Easter and the Christian beliefs of Jesus' role as the Savior of the world. The Easter Bunny may make the day silly, but Christ makes this day special. And I'm grateful for that knowledge. That He atoned for my sins. That He died so I can live again- together with … [Read more...]

Having a Foundation of Faith {free printable}

foundation of faith

A sweet friend of ours and a member of our church's congregation had a sudden heart attack the day after Christmas and passed away in the arms of his sweetheart. At church today I talked with his widow and I was amazed and so touched by this woman's great faith. She is such an inspiration! As she spoke, her words were tender, but so powerful and it reminded me of a quote I read several months ago about having a foundation of faith in the talk "Mountains to Climb" by Henry B. Eyring. He … [Read more...]

Why are some of your favorite bloggers “Mormon”?

B.O.M.B 002

I thought I would take just a minute to get a bit personal and let you see a side of me that isn't often shared. Sometimes it is fun to learn more about the person behind the projects, right? Many of you probably know that I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints {aka "a Mormon"}. It is something I've never tried to hide, but it isn't something I mention too often on this blog. I have shared some creative projects for the LDS faith, but I've never given any … [Read more...]

Creative Family Proclamation

family proclamation

I love this idea, from Jenn @ Making it My Own. By using wood, paint, vinyl and a shrunken down proclamation, she created this: See her entire tutorial HERE. For even more of Jenn's creativeness, please visit Making It My Own To have your ideas featured on somewhat simple, click HERE For those I have featured, please feel free to grab my button. … [Read more...]