Free Printable Inspirational Quote

Sometimes God Calms the Storm

Happy Sunday everyone! It's the first Sunday of the month, which means it's time for another "Share the Goodness" free printable. We want to spread a little happiness and faith all across the world to inspire those who stop by. Here is our quote for … [Read more...]

The Real Meaning of Easter


(Image Source: Mark Mabry) I don't usually get super religious on my blog, but with today being Easter, I wanted to share a video my church put out a couple years ago that I absolutely love. It teaches about the real meaning of Easter and the … [Read more...]

Creative Family Proclamation

family proclamation

I love this idea, from Jenn @ Making it My Own. By using wood, paint, vinyl and a shrunken down proclamation, she created this: See her entire tutorial HERE. For even more of Jenn's creativeness, please visit Making It My Own To have … [Read more...]