4th of July BBQ Condiment Station


Summer is here, and that means BBQ season is in full-swing! Here is a simple project that will make your "Grilling Get-Togethers" a bit more festive-  a 4th of July BBQ Condiment Station. Here is how to make it: MATERIALS NEEDED: Plant Pots White Paint Sponge Brush Vinyl Sticker Stars 1. Grab 3 pots- 1 blue and 2 red. I purchased mine for less than $2 each at Lowes in the Garden Dept. (Link HERE) 2. Paint white stripes with craft paint on the red posts. 3. Place your … [Read more...]

Creative Ribbon Organization

how to organize ribbon 5

A few weeks ago I was browsing the hardware section at Lowes  and I came across these GIANT nails: They are about 8 inches long and they were only 59 cents each. I don't even know what they are used for in the real world, but in my creative world, I had just the right project for them: Ribbon Organization! I am always looking to better utilize and organize my stacks and stacks of ribbon. I used to have all my spools on a few long wood dowels, but it never failed that I would need to … [Read more...]

Simple Gift Wrap Ideas

simple gift wrap 5

While browsing Lowes last month, I came across a shelf near the paint aisle with rolls of this: It's called "General Purpose Masking Paper" and it comes in a variety of lengths. I chose a roll that was 18"  long and it was less than $5. There were  shorter and longer rolls for less and more money. I decided to use this roll of paper as wrapping paper- look at some of the simple gift wrap ideas I came up with... Idea #1 Brown paper package adorned with a paper doily and tied up with b … [Read more...]

Thankful Thanksgiving Tablecloth

thankful thanksgiving tablecloth

It's the perfect time of year to stop and take a minute to count your many blessings. We gathered some friends together for a gratitude blog hop because we wanted to let our families know just how much we love and appreciate them. Check out my project- a Thankful Thanksgiving Tablecloth- and then visit my friends to see what they created with the "Gratitude" theme. There are recipes, printables and family traditions included in this blog hop. My Thankful Thanksgiving Tablecloth was inspired … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Bug Catcher

how to make your own bug catcher 1

This month Lowe's challenged their creative network to create something with the theme "DIY Camping" in mind. The first thing I thought of was son's love of finding and catching bugs, so the idea I came up with is an EASY way to make your own bug catcher. Materials: I bought all the following supplies at Lowes: Hammer, nails, rope, screen netting (found in the window screen aisle) and 3 rectangle stair moldings. {Not shown: Hot Glue Gun} You will also need Rick Rack, Scissors & Sticky … [Read more...]