Redneck Hot Tub

boys in the rain

One of the things I love  most about living in Arizona are the summer monsoons. A day might start out pretty typical; bright and sunny with triple-digit heat. Then out of no where the wind will pick up, the sky will turn dark grey and the rain starts pouring! Earlier this month, the kids and I were all inside one afternoon when a monsoon decided to make its way through our backyard. The kids were dying for something to do, so I told them to go play in the rain on our back patio. Those 9 … [Read more...]

Colon Cancer- A Personal Experience {plus a giveaway}

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I hope you'll stay with me as I do something on this site that I don't do very often- get personal!  I'd like to share an experience that happened to my family a few years back with the hopes it will help even just one of you who might be reading. This is my uncle Chip and his family. Chip is my mom's younger brother. He is the only boy born into a family of 11 kids! (Can you imagine being the lone boy with TEN sisters!?!?!)  I grew up living right around the corner from my grandparents h … [Read more...]

Leah’s Trip to the ER

leahs stitches

I had my first experience as a mom at the ER a few weeks ago. It was not a good day for me (or my daughter, for that matter!) ***WARNING- OPEN WOUND IMAGE COMING UP!*** THE STORY Leah and Ethan decided to be hyper and act crazy as I rushed through the produce section at WalMart. I literally had to get 3 things for a salad  to partner the dinner I was making for a friend that evening. I was trying to hurry and get the heck out of there, and the kids were driving me crazy by running around, … [Read more...]

Growing bigger every day…

MasonW (9)

"Babies make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, homes happier, clothes dirtier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for." I was super excited when Jacquilyn Avery (also known as Jax from Aly & Ash) offered to do a newborn photo session for Mason when he was only 10 days old. Weighing in at only 5 and a half pounds, he certainly was a teeny little thing. Now, at 6 weeks old he is already 8.7 lbs, growing bigger and changing every day! I am grateful for Jax in taking … [Read more...]

Our Happy Family


After 8 days in the NICU, we were able to bring Mason home yesterday and we couldn't be happier! Thanks for all your kind words and thoughts and prayers for my family during this time- I truly feel so blessed! … [Read more...]