Sparkler Holder + Link Party

Sparkler Safety

I'm not sure who came up with the idea of handing out 800 degree sticks of shooting flames to all the neighborhood kids, but around here, it isn't the 4th of July without Sparklers! Kids of all ages love these things! To help aid in a little firework … [Read more...]

Tattle Jar

Hi guys! I'm spending the day over at 30 Handmade Days for another round of Funner in the Summer! The idea I am sharing is one for all you parents out there who need a summer sanity saver- a tattle jar! If you're as sick as I am of all the tattling … [Read more...]

How To Be a Good Mom on a Bad Day

good mom bad day

Being a good parent is hard, but being a good parent on a bad day is even harder! Don't worry, we've all been there. Maybe you're exhausted after being kept up all night by a crying baby. Perhaps your boss has just dumped a ton of work on you with a … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Baby Products

Favorite Baby Products

How many times did you hear your mom say something like, "I wish they had that when I was having kids!" I can't believe all the fun products I enjoyed with my last baby that weren't around 10 years earlier when I had my first. Here are some of my … [Read more...]

How to Start a Babysitting Co-Op

How-To-Organize-A-Babysitting-Co-Op 3

As soon as my oldest son turned 12, it was like DATE-NIGHT FREEDOM for me and my husband- we finally had a built-in babysitter that we trusted, and one that didn't cost an arm and leg to afford! Today we are going to show you How to Organize a … [Read more...]

Enjoying Motherhood

there is no light at the end of the mom tunnel

It’s time for another “Share the Goodness” inspirational idea! We want to spread a little happiness and faith all across the world to inspire those who stop by. Our idea for this month is a quote that I heard when I went to Time Out for Women last … [Read more...]