Make Learning to Read Fun with a Doorknob Mailbox

Doorknob Mailboxes_Make Learning to Read Fun Horizontal

Learning to read is hard! And it can often become stressful and frustrating for both the child and the parents. Years ago, I stumbled on this neat way to help my daughters master reading while keeping things fun and making some special memories along the way! When my oldest of four daughters came home from preschool after a Valentine's Day party with a "mailbox" full of Valentines, that mailbox eventually ended up on her doorknob. That led to me leaving her "mail", and she thought it was … [Read more...]

How to Stencil- A Time Out Chair Tutorial plus MORE Stenciling Ideas

time out chair 1

I am not only a mom of 4, but I am also a preschool teacher of 10 and one of the ways I discipline my kids both in the home and in the classroom is by having them sit for a short time in a Time Out Chair. The Time Out Chair I made a couple years ago has seen better days, so when Blue Print Social asked me to be a part of a campaign where I could show my readers how to stencil a fun piece of furniture, I knew right away it was time to spruce up that little chair of mine. While browsing Walmart … [Read more...]

The Demise of Guys? Over My Dead Body

Heads Up on being Heads Down

I recently read the book entitled, “The Demise of Guys” and was totally shocked at the statistics reinforcing what I instinctively already knew in my head. As the author put it, “guys are flaming out”. Crashing and burning. Biting the dust.  Well, I for one, am not letting my guys ages 15, 10, 8 and almost 6 “flame out”. Nope... over my dead body is that going to happen. These guys are growing up in a world that would have no problem if they just completely wasted all the potential they have … [Read more...]

Mommy Apps Best Mommy Apps, App Reviews

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What are the best mommy apps? Watch the video to see my 5 favorites. Then comment below on your own favorites. {Video not showing up? Click here:} Don't forget to go to for more funny 2-minute videos for moms. ♥♥♥ Mentions ♥♥♥ Toddler Lock | Get Pocket | Organo Gold Hot Chocolate | Pandora | … [Read more...]

Every Parent Needs this Book! “Kids In Training”

kids in training

Have you ever wondered if you were taking full advantage of the time you have to parent your kids? It's easy to give our little ones love and affection... but what about helping them discover their true potential? I am so excited to introduce you to "Kids in Training," a book that takes a look at life lessons that will help lead to productive, responsible and grateful kids! Becca {from Blue Cricket Design} announced last spring that she was taking some time away from blogging, and she spent … [Read more...]

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