Army Party Camo Cupcakes

camo cupcakes for an army party

We made some Red, White and Blue Cupcakes for 4th of July one year that my kids LOVED. They are easy to put together and result in a fun, swirly, colorful cupcake. I used the same technique to make Camo Cupcakes for Ethan's Army party. (He thought I … [Read more...]

A Simple Princess Party

Child cosmetics  Cute little girl with lipstick isolated

Ever since she turned 2, my daughter has been talking about having a princess party for her 3rd birthday. I'm all about keeping parties very low-key, so here are all the details for Leah's simple princess party: First, we sent out these … [Read more...]

Baby Shower Game

game for a baby shower

I am going to go on the record and say I am not a huge fan of shower games. (Whew! It feels good to get that off my chest!) BUT, every shower has them and most shower attendees expect to play something, right? So when a friend of mine was pregnant … [Read more...]