Christmas Lights Photography Tips

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Though I'm not a huge fan of cold weather, I love the winter holiday season!  It's such a beautiful, magical time of year.  I get so excited to put up the lights on the house and decorate the tree.  But have you ever noticed that when you try to take … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers


Since the holiday season is practically here, I thought this would be the perfect time of year to start thinking about photography-related gift giving.  This Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers may help you if you're shopping for someone who loves … [Read more...]

Photo Cropping Dimensions


Let's talk about photo cropping dimensions and ratios!  You will find this post extremely useful if you ever plan to enlarge your photos. Think of wide-screen movies versus full-screen movies.  The wide-screen ratio is more narrow from top to bottom … [Read more...]

Photography with Jessica – ISO

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The last of the three basic photography principles is ISO and that's what we'll be going over today.  And the good news is that it's super easy to understand.  And to make it even better, besides just applying to DSLRs, a lot of point and shoot … [Read more...]