Photo Cropping Dimensions


Let's talk about photo cropping dimensions and ratios!  You will find this post extremely useful if you ever plan to enlarge your photos. Think of wide-screen movies versus full-screen movies.  The wide-screen ratio is more narrow from top to bottom and wide from side to side.  The full-screen ratio is a bit taller, but not as wide.  Similar differences exist in standard photo sizes. Pretty much any point-and-shoot or DSLR (with the exception of a medium-format or large-format camera) shoots in … [Read more...]

Family Photo Session Tips

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Tis the season for family photos!  If you're anything like me, you're wanting some awesome new photos for your holiday cards and for gifting to loved ones.  You may even have a beautiful wall display in mind for your home.    In this post I hope to give you all the tips you need to have a wonderful experience this year for your family photo session! {TIPS} Before your Session: Find a photographer you love.  Start by getting referrals from friends and associates and scouring the inter … [Read more...]

Photography with Jessica – Lighting

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In the world of photography, lighting is extremely important!  It really makes or breaks a picture.  It's what makes the difference between an everyday snapshot and an awesome photo, and after today you'll know how to deal with it like a pro! The first thing you need to know is that the camera does not process light and shadow the same way our eyes do.  Our eyes are really good at taking in a scene which contains both bright areas and shadowy areas, but a camera can't do that.  In your photos … [Read more...]

Photography with Jessica – Tips for Great Halloween Photos

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Halloween is such a fun time to take pictures!  The weather is getting deliciously crisp, the leaves are falling and the kids all have a twinkle of excitement in their eyes at the thought of costumes and candy!  Here are some tips to get great pictures of children in their costumes. 1.  Plan ahead.  Decide whether you'll take the pictures on Halloween prior to trick-or-treating (which may be a good idea if any elaborate makeup or hairstyling is involved) or if you want to take them before the ac … [Read more...]

Photography with Jessica – RAW vs. Jpeg

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  I thought it would be a good idea to address a question I get asked all the time.  What is the difference between a Jpeg file and a RAW file?  Is one better than the other, and which should I use? RAW files are very large because they hold a lot of information without losing any details or quality.  A RAW file is basically the pure image taken directly from the camera's sensor before any settings are applied such as exposure and white balance (in-camera settings are still applied wh … [Read more...]