Loving What You Do


If ever I had a "thing", it'd be sewing.  Was I a natural when I was first learning?  Oh, heavens no.  In fact the first thing I ever made was a pair of mittens in junior high school, and to this day my good friends tease me about my squashed-banana-hand-mittens.  It wasn't pretty.  But I got better. If ever I had a disinterest in something, on the other hand, it'd be cooking.  *gasp*  I cook because my family needs to eat, not because I like to do it.  On frequent occasion, I open the cupboar … [Read more...]

Getting to Know Your Archetype {Giveaway Closed}


Fun, creative and kind. These are the first 3 words my husband blurted out when I asked him to describe me. (Side note- I had to preface that question with a disclaimer to keep it blog- appropriate! Who knows what he really wanted to say?! And also, it took him awhile to come up with the last adjective. Should I be worried?) I've been told I am also responsible, loving, fun, dependable and a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning and organizing, but I think if I could add one adjective to my … [Read more...]

Why my house will definitely get egged tonight, and a RANT about lazy parents.


AHHH! I got so frustrated tonight! My blood continues to boil over an incident that happened 3 hours ago! Let me give you all the juicy details... We started getting trick-or-treaters around 6:30 tonight and I was still putting the finishing touches on my kids costumes. Getting more and more anxious with each knock on the door, my kids started begging to get going for themselves, so I asked my husband to start down the street and I would catch up with them in five minutes. On my way out, I … [Read more...]

The one where I don’t feel like being creative…


I made a super cute project this afternoon and I was all ready to edit the images and share the tutorial with everyone as soon as I got the kids tucked in. And then the 5 o'clock crazies came and in the middle of it all I just thought, "I'm done for the day." I'm in a bleh mood and can't seem to shake it. So rather than hide behind my computer and put the happy creative face on, I just want to post about how I feel when I am tired, and frustrated, and angry and tired and stressed out and … [Read more...]

So Good, So Sweet

2 Ryan 08-071

There was a time in my life when I was sure Ethan was going to be an only child. After a year and a half of trying to conceive and experiencing a devastating miscarriage in the middle of it all, I was told by my doctor that I was experiencing something called "Secondary Infertility". Why, when it was so easy to get pregnant with Ethan, was it now seemingly impossible to get pregnant again? And why, after being so excited {and sick for weeks!} did I have to miscarry a baby that was … [Read more...]