Cute Recipe Cards with Pictures

grilled chicken salad sandwich

The "visual person" inside me decided I needed a photo with all my recipes, so I made these recipe cards with pictures of each dish and I absolutely LOVE them! Planning our weekly menu is not my favorite thing to do, but flipping through these cards and seeing how good something looks or tastes makes it just a bit more enjoyable. Here is how to do it: How to make Recipe Cards with Pictures 1. Upload an image to You do not need an account- it is free and super simple to … [Read more...]

Let’s Eat Workshop- Week 4 of 4

Lets Eat header1

When it comes to menu planning, the hardest part for me is come up with a variety of meals for the week. Because of this, I organize my nights into themes, as we discussed last week, but the actual organization and storage of my recipes goes even a step further to help ease this {often painful} process. Here is what I do: I have 2 3-ring notebooks- one is labeled “Recipes to Try” and the other notebook is labeled “Favorite Recipes.” Each notebook has tabbed dividers that are labeled with th … [Read more...]