Recovering a Chair {My WoCavé Challenge 3}

how to recover a chair 12

Recovering a chair is an E-A-S-Y way to give new life to a piece of furniture. Let me show you how to turn this... ...into this:   This summer I’ve been on a mission to help spread the word about the Skinny Cow WoCavé challenge. {If you’ve missed it, here’s the post all about this fun adventure.} The Skinny Cow brand, wants women to create their own heavenly space- their WoCavé- where guys are scarce and the tasty Skinny Cow treats are abundant! Men have their man caves, and … [Read more...]

What to do with an Old Dresser- 10 Amazing Transformations


I absolutely LOVE before and after transformation pictures. Some people have such talent in seeing and producing the potential of an old piece of furniture! Bookmark this page for the next time you are wondering what to do with an old dresser- these 10 transformations are amazing! Starting off with one of my favorites- this dresser turned desk from Thrifty and Chic is absolutely fabulous!  Design Gal & Her Handy Man turned this side dresser into a small shelf. From dark and … [Read more...]

Rustic Painting Techniques: Dry Brushing


Hello Somewhat Simple readers! One of my favorite things to do (and actually what I do for a living) is to paint furniture! My main niche is rustic, distressed furniture. I thought it would be fun to go over a few rustic painting techniques with you all over the next couple of months. Today I'm sharing a painting technique I absolutely love for furniture: dry brushing! We'll start with something small to practice on. I found some old cutting boards I bought for about a dollar. They have plenty … [Read more...]

Old Tv Transformation with Home Hinges


I'm absolutely in love with this TV Transformation project I found by April of Home Hinges. I was so excited I stumbled across her blog, she actually shares it with her four sisters- how fun is that? April took this old, yucky TV: And made this fabulous bookshelf: See the entire transformation, step by step HERE. (Originally posted on Crazy Domestic in November 2010) Feel free to pin this image! … [Read more...]

My Red Rocker


Want to see the fun transformation of my red rocker? This rocking chair is something I snagged off of craigslist for $15.00. I couldn't wait to get it home and turn it into something I LOVED! I've wanted a bentwood rocking chair since elementary school, our librarian had one and I always thought all the curves in it were so cool! I've hesitated to get one because even though the curves are cool, the colors aren't. ••• What I Used: one yard of fabric (I used Heather Bailey Pop Daisy … [Read more...]

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