Ribbon Frame Bow Holder


I have two girls who never leave the house without wearing a bow! We have hair bows coming out of our ears, and this ribbon frame bow holder is how we keep them organized. Making one will take you five to ten minutes- max! Here is … [Read more...]

Creative Ribbon Organization

how to organize ribbon 5

A few weeks ago I was browsing the hardware section at Lowes  and I came across these GIANT nails: They are about 8 inches long and they were only 59 cents each. I don't even know what they are used for in the real world, but in my creative … [Read more...]

Ribbon Boards

Ribbon boards are a fun and easy craft to make. They are easily customizable to fit and match any room of the house! I have made these a million times and they have all been different! Above I used a couple old shelves, a piece of spare particle … [Read more...]