Ribbon Frame Bow Holder


I have two girls who never leave the house without wearing a bow! We have hair bows coming out of our ears, and this ribbon frame bow holder is how we keep them organized. Making one will take you five to ten minutes- max! Here is how: Materials Needed: A Frame Ribbon or Ric Rac Hot glue gun & glue Scrapbook Paper Directions: Turn your fame over and glue your ribbon to the back of your frame. Glue a few ribbons to the bottom that will hang off the frame for more … [Read more...]

Creative Ribbon Organization

how to organize ribbon 5

A few weeks ago I was browsing the hardware section at Lowes  and I came across these GIANT nails: They are about 8 inches long and they were only 59 cents each. I don't even know what they are used for in the real world, but in my creative world, I had just the right project for them: Ribbon Organization! I am always looking to better utilize and organize my stacks and stacks of ribbon. I used to have all my spools on a few long wood dowels, but it never failed that I would need to … [Read more...]

Ribbon Boards

Ribbon boards are a fun and easy craft to make. They are easily customizable to fit and match any room of the house! I have made these a million times and they have all been different! Above I used a couple old shelves, a piece of spare particle board and a square piece of cork that all were just laying in my craft closet! I added some batting, material and ribbon along with embellishments on a few (vinyl, rhinestones etc.) and in no time your scraps become useful! Here is a big board hanging … [Read more...]

Ribbon and Chain Bracelets

ribbon and chain bracelet featured image

The inspiration for today's idea came to me while browsing one of my favorite stores- Lowes! I was walking down an aisle that had shelves full of boxes and rolls of chains. I grabbed the first person in a red vest I could find and asked him {very nicely} to cut 2 feet of this chain for me. From the 2 feet of chain (for only $1.40 a foot) I was able to get 3 bracelets. (The worker actually cut the 2 feet into 3 pieces for me so I didn't have to buy my own tools- yay!) I thought the chain I chose … [Read more...]

Mission: Ribbon Organization

After I posted my Craft Area Makeover, I had email after email asking me to show how I hung my ribbon on the cork board. This is so easy, you won't believe it! It was one of those temporary ideas that worked out surprisingly well so I decided I didn't need to change after all!Here is what I did.I put all my ribbon onto dowels. On each side of the dowel I got a piece of ribbon and folded it over, making a loop just big enough for the dowel to fit through. Then I glued the ribbon with hot glue- … [Read more...]

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