Graduating from College

Graduation is worth it!

I grew up with a single mom who spent most of her days figuring out how to feed and clothe us. I think my college education was far from her mind. I will be forever grateful for a neighbor that taught me how to apply for scholarships, and pushed me … [Read more...]

Creative Clipboards


Are you looking for a fun idea to give your kid's teachers for back-to-school? How about making some creative clipboards?! You can purchase plain clipboards at WalMart for around $1 each, so this is a very affordable, very fun craft. Get your kids … [Read more...]

Free mason jar teacher gift tags

mason jar teacher gift tags main

It's almost here. I can taste it. The end of the school year is finally within reach! Quite honestly though, I have mixed emotions.  I treasure the quiet time when my kids are at school, but I'm so looking forward to not fighting over getting … [Read more...]

Journal Sticks

journal sticks 2

My daughter's teacher asked if I could come up with a fun way to display the journaling prompts she would give the class for journal time. I came up  with this fun journal sticks idea, here is what I did: The teacher gave me a typed list of … [Read more...]

Free printable: mini eye exam chart note cards

free eye exam notes in color

Did you know August is National Eye Exam Month?  Yeah, I had no clue either. But when I received that tidbit of info, it gave me the idea for this month's printable!  And I loved the way these eye chart note cards turned out! You can download the set … [Read more...]