Make Learning to Read Fun with a Doorknob Mailbox

Doorknob Mailboxes_Make Learning to Read Fun Horizontal

Learning to read is hard! And it can often become stressful and frustrating for both the child and the parents. Years ago, I stumbled on this neat way to help my daughters master reading while keeping things fun and making some special memories along the way! When my oldest of four daughters came home from preschool after a Valentine's Day party with a "mailbox" full of Valentines, that mailbox eventually ended up on her doorknob. That led to me leaving her "mail", and she thought it was … [Read more...]

Journal Sticks

journal sticks 2

My daughter's teacher asked if I could come up with a fun way to display the journaling prompts she would give the class for journal time. I came up  with this fun journal sticks idea, here is what I did: The teacher gave me a typed list of prompts on plain white paper. If you need ideas for prompts, google "Kids Journal Prompts"- a bazillion results will come up! I took some popsicle sticks and dipped half of each stick into watered-down green paint and then dipped the other half into … [Read more...]

Free printable: mini eye exam chart note cards

free eye exam notes in color

Did you know August is National Eye Exam Month?  Yeah, I had no clue either. But when I received that tidbit of info, it gave me the idea for this month's printable!  And I loved the way these eye chart note cards turned out! You can download the set with primary colors/patterns on the bottom: >>> click here to download <<< Or for those who love a little minimalist design-or don't have a color printer-I have plain black and white ones: >>> click here to … [Read more...]

Thank you for helping me grow – free gift tags

TY for helping me grow free printables

  School is almost over.  Temperatures are changing.  Parents and children are getting fidgety.  So much to do, so little time... So I'll keep this short and sweet.  Need a gift for your child's teacher?  Mom's birthday is coming up?  Grandpa needs a little pick-me-up?  Grab some flowers, a small plant, a basket of fruit, or a package of rulers / measuring tape and slap one of these FREE  Thank You For Helping Me Grow gift tags on it and voila!  You've just made someone you love's … [Read more...]

Monarch Butterflies Craft and Activity Book

butterfly life cycle

A few summers ago the kids and I were playing outside and my 2 youngest (ages 3 and 2 at the time) were fascinated by all the butterflies flying around. I put together a fun Monarch Butterflies craft and activity that would teach them just a bit more about those "flying objects" they were seeing around our yard. Even my 7 year old had fun with this project, proof that this activity was age appropriate and fun for each of them. After all, what kid doesn't love butterflies? First I did some … [Read more...]

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