Link Party with Creative Train Ideas for Kids

DIY Cardboard box toy tunnel

Any family with little boys in the home probably has a box (or 2 or 3!) of toy trains. Playing with small trains and tracks is like a rite of passage for a little guy... and girls love them too! I've put together a fun list of creative train ideas for kids- take a look! 1. What little guy wouldn't LOVE his very own tracks in the comfort of his own home? Mom Endeavors shows this creative idea of making train tracks from electrical tape- so fun! 2. The perfect marriage between playing with … [Read more...]

Wacky Sacks


Squeeze, throw, mold & play! For those of you with confused looks on your faces wondering what the HECK "Wacky Sacks" are, here is a little background about how they came about: My MIL recently returned from touring Europe, (I know, sad life!) and she brought home these little "stress ball" things from some vendors on the streets and she gave one to each of my kids. At first glance, they don't look like anything special, but wait til you get your little hands on them... they are ADDICTING … [Read more...]

10 Simple Ways Kids Can Help Your Home Stay Organized

10 Simple Ways Kids Can Help Your Home Stay Organized

There's a lot to do to keep a family and a household functioning! And there's only so much time in each day. So as a mother, I want my kids to learn to pitch in - while still being "kids", of course! If we all work together, things run a lot more smoothly, and everyone - even the kids - benefits! Here you'll find 10 simple ways your kids can help your home stay more organized - and gain confidence along the way! 1. KIDS MAKE THEIR OWN BEDS STARTING AT AGE 5 I am not a super-neat person … [Read more...]

Road Trip Travel Trays

Road Trip Tray 1

My kids are only 3.5 and 2 years old, and they don't quite play most travel games yet, so in order to keep them busy on our road trips, I made some Road Trip Travel Trays! I picked up two cookies sheets at the dollar store and spray painted them with Krylon Chalk Board paint- super simple! I love these trays because they are fun and multi-functional- let me show you a bunch of different options: Option 1: A COLORING TRAY I got some clamp magnets at the dollar store. The crayon holder … [Read more...]

5 Indoor Activities for Kids

homemade gak recipe

While many of you are busting out of hibernation after an awfully long winter, those of us who live in Arizona are making our way indoors to avoid the triple digit heat! And because all of the kids have been out of school for weeks now, we've probably heard our fair share of complaints about summer boredom already (please tell me I am not the only one!) So, in an effort to keep the kids busy and away from the TV and video games all day, I wanted to feature 5 fun indoor activities for kids that … [Read more...]