Thanksgiving Pictionary Game for Kids

Hey!  It’s Christine again from I Dig Pinterest, and I’m here sharing a fun and simple Thanksgiving Pictionary game for kids using a painted Mason jar turkey with Popsicle stick “feathers”.

Are you traveling to be with family or friends this year for Thanksgiving?  Last year we were with my in-laws, but this time around we decided to celebrate on our own with some friends that live close to us.  It’s always hard not being with family for the holidays, but I’m sure we’ll still have a great time.

I love creating fun family traditions to go along with special days.  To me, traditions are memories that my kids will always have and can continue when they are no longer living at home.  I (and my kiddos) created this very entertaining Turkey Pictionary game to play with our friends’ kids when they come.

You know how on Thanksgiving there’s always the time after eating until you feel like you’re going to burst, when you just want to sit and relax? Well this is a perfectly low-maintenance game that will keep the kids occupied while you watch from the sofa.  :)


You’ll also need a glue gun, a pint-sized, wide-mouth Mason jar, some brushes, decorative glass rocks, and a pencil for making the polka dots.
First paint the inside of your jar by squirting paint down the sides and then turning the jar all around until the paint coats the inside entirely, filling in all the holes.  I chose a metallic-brown color for the turkey’s body, and I love the shimmery look of it.
Now the spaces are all filled in.  You’ll see that there’s lots of excess paint after it’s done.
Lay a paper towel or piece of scrap paper on the counter under your jar, tip it down, and let the excess paint drip off.  You may need to shake it a little too.  Then wipe the top of the jar clean.
 Now let the jar dry until the paint inside is set completely.  This takes a little while, so give yourself some time…at least over night.
 Now fill the jar with glass rocks.  It doesn’t matter if they’re matching because they won’t show.

Let the kids paint the jumbo Popsicle sticks (if you trust them with paint).   Be sure to paint both sides.  This may take a few coats for complete coverage.  Let dry completely.  Make polka dots by dipping the tip of a pencil in white paint, and stamping onto the fronts of the sticks.  My kids enjoyed helping with this part too.  Let dry, once again.
 Turn the sticks over and, using your black marker, write Thanksgiving words on the bottoms of the sticks.
Here are some examples:
Pilgrim’s Hat
Native Americans
Give Thanks
I tried to choose words that both younger and older kids would know what they meant.
Now cut a small triangle out of orange felt, a gobbler (or whatever it’s called) out of red felt and hot glue or Mod Podge to the front of your jar, along with two googly eyes.  Put your sticks into the rocks, fanning them out to look like the turkey’s feathers.
You’re done! Nothing says Thanksgiving like a cute little turkey with brightly colored Popsicle sticks for feathers!
After the feast, gather all the kids around and let them take turns choosing a stick and drawing on a fun chalkboard or even a notepad.  See who can guess what it is first!
Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you’ll follow along with I Dig Pinterest for easy kids’ crafts, recipes, and much more!



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  1. I love this, so adorable! Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. I am so borrowing this idea (hope that’s okay) for my family at Thanksgiving. We LOVE games and this is just such a cute way to display the game. Thanks!


  3. so adorable! Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. This is such a cute idea. I have pinned it to the Better Homes and Gardens Pinterest board.

  5. So fun and absolutely adorable! Pinned ;) Thanks for sharing!

  6. i love this idea! thanks for sharing!



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