The White Stocking Poem- A Meaningful Christmas Eve Tradition

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When my friend shared with me the tradition her family does each year called The 12 Months of Christmas, I absolutely LOVED the gift that was given on the 12th month of the year- The White Stocking Poem. I decided to start this tradition with my own family.  All you need is a simple white stocking to get started and here is what you do:

Hang the white stocking in a special place in your home. On Christmas Eve, gather the family together and each person will write on a piece of paper a gift for Jesus that will be placed in the stocking. Gifts could include personal goals you wish to achieve, family goals, ways you will be of service to others in the coming year, or relationships you wish to improve. Keep all these gifts in the stocking until next year’s Christmas Eve when your family is together again and pass out the papers from the year before. See how well your family gave to the Savior through your gifts.

Such a simple, meaningful way to spend Christmas Eve, don’t you think?

(Click here to see the entire White Stocking poem on month 12 in the PDF)

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