Thin Mint S’mores

Hi, Becky here from Bite of Delight!  Today I have a scrumptious twist on not one, but two old favorites.  If you love Thin Mints AND s’mores, you won’t want to miss this perfect combination of chocolatey, gooey, crunchy goodness!  It tastes just like a Thin Mint girl scout cookie, only it’s stuffed with a golden, toasty marshmallow.  Does it get any better?  I think not.  And if this isn’t enough to make your life a little better today, you can have a whole batch ready to go in about 20 minutes or less.  Win!thin mints smores 5

There are three easy ways to put these together, depending on what you have in your pantry, or what you want the end result to be.  You can make these with marshmallow cream or regular marshmallows, and you can have a single layer of cookie, or make it a double-decker.

thin mint smores 4a

Start out by separating your Oreo cookies and scraping off the cream filling with a small spatula.  If you use regular marshmallows, cut them in half so you have two rounds.  Place the cut side down on the filling-free cookie.  When all of your cookies are prepared, place them under a hot broiler, watching carefully, until the marshmallows are golden on top, about a minute.  Remove from oven.  If you are not topping your s’more with another cookie half, dip them in melted minty chocolate.  If you are topping it with another Oreo half, dab some melted chocolate on the side that says “Oreo” and then place it, chocolate-side down, on the toasted marshmallow.  This will keep it in place during dipping.thin mint smores 1

Your s’mores will be different thicknesses depending on how you build them.  For thin s’mores, use marshmallow cream.  For a medium thickness, use a marshmallow round.  For a thick, filling cookie s’more, sandwich your marshmallow between two cookie halves.thin mint smores 8

Thin Mint S’mores


  • 10-20 Oreo cookies {20 for double decker s’mores}
  • 10 marshmallows, cut in half {or marshmallow cream}
  • 1-1/2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1-1/2 tsp peppermint extract


  1. Separate cookies and scrape off cream filling.
  2. Place marshmallow halves, cut-side down, on oreos halves and place under broiler for about one minute, or until marshmallows are golden.  Watch carefully, they can burn very quickly!
  3. Put chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl and heat for one minute.  Stir, add peppermint extract, and stir again.  If chocolate is not melted, microwave for 15 second intervals, stirring in between.
  4. If topping with a cookie half, dab some melted chocolate onto the “Oreo” side of the cookie and place it chocolate-side down on the marshmallow.
  5. Drop one s’more into the melted chocolate, cover completely, then lift out with a fork and tap gently against the side of the bowl to remove excess chocolate.
  6. Place on a parchment-lined cookie sheet to harden.
  7. If your kitchen is too warm for the chocolate to harden, place the dipped s’mores in the fridge.

*My melted chocolate was too thick for dipping, so I added one square of chocolate almond bark and another 1/4 tsp peppermint to thin it slightly.

thin mint smores mainCheck out my blog Bite of Delight if you want to make regular Thin Mints (and maybe have a Tim Tam Slam!).

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