Tips for Organizing the Kitchen

Happy May everyone!  Wow, how did it get to be May already!? I hope you feel like organizing today, because today I’ve got a great post for you on how to get organized in the kitchen.

Last month I participated, along with 8 other bloggers, in an organized home tour.  We all took turns sharing our organized spaces and I chose to share my kitchen.  Today I wanted to share with you a couple tips for how I organize my kitchen even though it is older and quite small.

When you first walk into our kitchen you see these open shelves on either side of our sink.  Using open shelves in a kitchen is an inexpensive way to decorate as well as store your beautiful items.

Another one of my favorite ways to organize in a small space is to use layering.  All of the lower cabinets in our kitchen are layered, meaning the items I use the most are stacked in the front, and items I use less often are in the back.

Here’s another example of how I use layering.  In my pantry I use baskets to store similar items and then I layer the baskets to maximize the space.

Here’s an over all view of my pantry.  I have baskets on every shelf which makes it really easy to access items in the back when I need them.

Another great way to use baskets is to store items that tend to fall over easily.

For so long whenever I reached in to grab one of these water bottles all the others would fall over!  It used to make me so mad until one day I had an “Ah-ha moment” and decided to put them in baskets.  Now when I need a water bottle I pull the basket out, grab the one I need and then slide it back into place.  No more crashing water bottles! {Don’t know why it took me so long to figure that out!}

I also use baskets in our junk drawer.  These small baskets usually come 2 {or more} for $1.00, which is perfect for organizing on a budget!  Our junk drawer is the first drawer when you walk into the kitchen so right away items get put in the right place so that my kitchen doesn’t get cluttered.

My last tip for organizing a kitchen, whether small or large, is to think outside the box for additional storage space.  Years ago I purchased this jewelry organizer at Pier 1, but I have never used it for my jewelry.  I have always had this in my kitchen and it works fabulously for storing napkin rings, cloth napkins, table cloths, etc.

I hope these tips inspired you and gave you some great ideas for how to organize your kitchen!  For more kitchen organization ideas check out these other posts:

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Thanks for letting me hang out with you today!

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