Trash to Treasure Headboard Bench


Let me give you the story behind this headboard bench: This was my hubby’s bed as a child. It was broken into several pieces and was collecting dust and cobwebs in the shed at my in-laws’. It was going to be tossed to the curb until I claimed it for myself because I had a vision! Being the little scavenger that I am, I hauled it home and rescued it!

1 headboard_bench

Here is what I did:

2 headboard_bench

1. First, I sanded all the pieces well to rough it up for painting. I used a mid-grade grit for this because I wanted to remove the varnish. It scratched the wood a little, but I’ve learned from my experience that the paint will fill in the these scratches.

2. Next I primed all the pieces with water based primer. (This is where I turned it over to the hubs)

3. My husband purchased a 2×4 piece of wood and a deck board- the 2×4 was cut into four pieces and the deck board into three. He did some sawing, some rearranging, some screwing and some gluing to create this. . .

3 headboard_bench

The entire bench was created from the headboard with the exception of two 2x4s which attached the front of the bench to the back of the bench. The deck board was used for the seat. The other two pieces of the 2×4 were attached under the first to hold the boards in place.

4 headboard_bench

4. At this point, I put two good coats of paint {Olympic Irish Cream}on the bench and deck boards.

5. I then sanded random areas of the bench, allowing the wood to show through to give the bench an aged, distressed look.

6 headboard_bench

When I was finished, I couldn’t have been happier! It was exactly what I had wanted!
7 headboard_benchI’m so glad I had a vision, rescued, and brought back to life an old broken headboard. I am using it as a bench for my foyer. Now my boys {I have two} have somewhere to sit to put on their shoes! Not to mention a piece of hubby’s past!
5 headboard_bench
I hope you enjoy it!
. . . . .

About the Author: Hi! I’m Jen from Scissors and Spatulas {and everything in between}! I’m so excited to be a Home Decor/DIY contributor here at Somewhat Simple. I hope you’ve enjoyed my trash to treasure idea today! If you want to see more, please stop by my site. I look forward to seeing you!

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