A Simple Trick For Hiding Cords

There’s nothing like the unsightliness of a tangle of cords. Necessary? They are. But nice to look at? They sure aren’t.

I lasted about one week with this mess in sight before rising to my higher instinct and deciding the cords had to be hidden.

Since the simplest solution is always the best one, I opted for that route. The storage box I had on hand got called up, the internet router and its company of cords got placed within, and the top put on. And bam:

What cords?

The box instantly provided me with a clean, blank slate, while the cords, plugged in and all, remained perfectly connected inside.

I encourage you to follow suit and hide away your cords, as well. Use whatever storage container you have: a basket, bin, or an even an old drawer or wooden crate should do the job, providing they’re the right depth.

I should note that the cords snaking out of the bin did cause the lid to sit slightly higher than it’s meant to– a problem which could easily be reconciled by poking/drilling some holes in the back of whatever storage container you choose to use. But you know what?

With another box placed on top, that lid stays perfectly in place, and no one (me) is the wiser.

What tricks have you used to conceal your cords? Share your genius in the comments below.

Thanks to Stephanie, as always for having me and until next time–

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  1. I would be careful of the electronic item overheating while enclosed in a box. Make sure there’s enough ventilation.

    • That is my exact concern, too! Perhaps you could cut the back out of the box, that would allow the cords to come in and allow the heat to escape.

      • You could definitely do that, although I will tell you ladies: I’ve been mine in-box for almost a year now, and have never had any problems with over heating or internet reception.

  2. Michele T says:

    That is genius!! Thanks for sharing a great idea!!!

  3. Love this idea Annie!!! Come organize my entertainment center, please!!!! :)

  4. The heat might depend on your router. My old netgear never got warm in the least but my apple airport extreme gets pretty warm. I think the instructions also say to make sure it has plenty of room around it.



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