Twins Baby Shower Gift

baby shower gift for twins

This was the twins baby shower gift I put together for my friend who is having twins next month. She is having a boy and a girl, but this can idea certainly be used for same-sex babies: put together a blue and green bin for 2 boys or a pink and purple bin for 2 girls.

baby shower gift for twins productsI went shopping and bought a bunch of coordinating baby products in different colors- a pink pacifier and a blue one, blue bath wash and pink baby lotion etc. The “girly” colored products went in a plastic box with a pink lid and the “boyish” colored products went in a plastic box with a blue lid, like so:
baby shower gift for twins boxes

I figured I could spend $5 on a gift bag and tissue paper, or I could spend $2 on cute bins that the mom can reuse again! I had a few sticky chalkboard labels that I stuck on the tops of the bins and I wrote each of the babies names on them.

baby shower gift for twins 2

… and then I tied them up with some ribbon…

baby shower gift for twins 1

…and that’s it!

I thought it turned out pretty cute!

(This post was originally published on Somewhat Simple in September 2009. It was updated in August 2013)

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  1. This is darling!!

  2. adorable…

  3. So cute! Love the you used the storage bins!

  4. Darling! What a great idea to use storage bins. (I want to go find me some of those now, I love containers!)

  5. My friend is due with twins (a boy and a girl) next month too! It could be a different person, but do you know Jamie Dwiggins?

  6. Wish I was having twins!!!!

  7. The Harris Family says:

    Cute and a very useful gift.

  8. Love this so much!!!!!!! I have a baby shower to go to in the near future I will use this idea thanks for sharing. You can never have enough containers!!!!!!!!!

  9. WOW! Very cute…and you really blessed mom and dad!

  10. Great idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  11. What a great idea! I'm sending this idea to my sister as she has a neighbor that is having twins and was looking for a shower gift idea. Just have to share…I came across a new baby book called Dear Baby, What I love about you! It's about why we love babies and at the end you get to sign it so the child can see who enjoys reading to them. It's really adorable!

  12. Those are really cute – and I think giving mom something she can use again for storage instead of a gift bag is a great idea!!

  13. thedoodlegirl says:

    Waaaay cute!

  14. emry@my little creative outlet says:

    what a great (and practical!) idea! I am sure the mama loved it!

  15. What a cute idea, all of my friends are having twins so I’ll have to keep it in mind for a great gift idea!

  16. I love this idea, which sparked another idea for me. I think I will buy a couple containers and through out the year when I am couponing and find great deals on baby items I will buy and put in the boxes, also I get many free samples in the mail, but never ask for the baby items. Well I will be asking for them now to put in the containers and then when I need them I shouldn’t have to spend a whole lot to fill them! Thanks