Valentine’s Day DIY: Sparkly Heart Shoes

I’m a little bit of a shoe-aholic. In fact, I’ve been known to purchase more than five pairs in any single week and a big sale on footwear is basically my wallet’s kryptonite. That said, I also love snagging a good deal. Better yet — I love DIYing!

Today I’m sharing a really easy tutorial for glittery heart shoes that cost me under $10 to make.


The first thing you need is, of course, shoes!  I found these sweet, salmon-pink vintage flats in my size at my local thrift store for $5. Can’t beat it!

Next you’ll need some decoupage glue and your choice of fine glitter. I chose Mod Podge and had this red, fine glitter lying around my house. A little goes a long way, so that’s nice. You’ll also want a cheap little brush, some packing tape and scissors. Regarding the glitter, I suggest a fine glitter opposed to a chunky one.


First, fold a piece of packing tape in half and cut out a half heart. This should bring up grade school memories from Valentine’s Days gone by! Tip: I laid both pieces together and then cut out the half heart shape. That way I had the same heart for both shoes.


Next, gently open up the tape and place securely on each toe.


Now you want to get your glitter ready. I used 1 teaspoon of glitter and 2 teaspoons of Mod Podge decoupoage glue.


Stir it up really well!


Once you’ve mixed up the glitter and glue, apply a thin layer onto the shoe where the heart is. Wait for 10-15 minutes until it dries, then apply a second coat. It’s important to do thin layers and to wait for each layer to dry. If you do not, you may have some problems when it comes to removing the tape from your shoe. I did about four layers of the glitter/glue combo.


Next, remove the tape and clean up edges, if necessary. And voila! You’ve got the perfect pair of shoes for date night!

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Wendy Rose Gould is a latte-loving, vintage-collecting, cat-adoring beauty and fashion writer whose work has appeared both online and in print. While she grew up in urban Indiana surrounded by horse buggies, corn fields and churches on every block, she's since moved west to Phoenix (after a stint in South Korea) where cacti and haboobs reign supreme. Wendy believes a woman should never leave the house without enviable hair and a spritz of her staple perfume. And also mascara. Never leave the house without mascara.

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