Why my house will definitely get egged tonight, and a RANT about lazy parents.

AHHH! I got so frustrated tonight! My blood continues to boil over an incident that happened 3 hours ago! Let me give you all the juicy details…

We started getting trick-or-treaters around 6:30 tonight and I was still putting the finishing touches on my kids costumes. Getting more and more anxious with each knock on the door, my kids started begging to get going for themselves, so I asked my husband to start down the street and I would catch up with them in five minutes.

On my way out, I put out a big bowl of candy with a sign that said “Take One” and I headed down the street to find my family. In front of my next-door neighbor’s house, there was a group of 5 teenagers, none of them in costume but all with pillowcases for their candy collections {which were already quite full and it was only 6:30} .

I could hear giggling as they got to my porch, so I turned back to see what all the laughter was over and I saw them hurry away from my yard.

They didn’t just take the entire bowl of candy, right?

I had to check- so I went back to my porch and there sat my{now empty} bowl.


And they weren’t going to get away with it.

So I did what every {totally sane} person would do. First I yelled at them so all my neighbors could hear what they just did.

And they just ignored me.

I planned to just leave it at that, but them ignoring me didn’t sit well, so I did what any {totally sane} person would do- I caught up to them and followed them down the rest of my street, (hey, they were going in the same direction I was going to find my family, so no loss of time for me!) and I made sure my neighbors heard what they did. My neighbors joined in my disgust and these kids stopped going door to door and just walked straight down the middle of the street until we reached the corner and I went one way and they went the other.

I am not a violent person, but their disrespectful attitudes and not once ever offering to put some of the candy back just made me nearly crazy! :) Plus, they were big kids, so they could have totally beaten me up.

Edited to add (because there were comments about this) this didn’t “ruin” my night- I caught up to my family five minutes after they left and I absolutely LOVED seeing my kids get so excited over the trick-or-treating festivities! I love Halloween! I also want to add that I saw SOOOO many teenagers trick or treating and I didn’t care at all- in fact the best costume of the night was a teenager dressed as Elmo- a 6ft Elmo walking down your street is enough to make everyone smile, I loved it! So this wasn’t about some teenagers trick or treating, it could have been a group of 5 year olds that I’d be mad at if they did that! TheĀ  point is, it was totally disrespectful and if that makes me naive in hoping people would be kind and grateful for me leaving candy at all, then I guess I am super naive!


We get kids from all over the city coming to trick-or-treat on our block- and that is totally fine with me! I would rather kids feel safe on Halloween and I make sure I buy plenty of candy for everyone (until some punk teens steal it, of course!).

But one thing that irritates me to no end are the stinkin’ lazy parents that drive their kids to our neighborhood and then follow them in their cars up and down all the streets!

Can you not park your car for an hour and walk?

We had HUNDREDS of kids on our street tonight. There were kids running all over the place and it was scary to have so many cars driving down the street while their kids went door to door!

For crying out loud, get out of your car and walk with your kids so our streets are safer and your kids are respectful, will ‘ya?

I mean really.

You can even park your car in my driveway, I don’t mind! Just get off the stinkin’ streets!

. . . Ok, I feel a little better. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


(Hopefully I don’t come back tomorrow with pictures of my house being vandalized by those lame teenagers. They would totally do something like that!)

Edited to add I am sure there are good reasons why a parent would need to follow their kids, and to that small majority of parents, I want to say that I totally respect you for making this night fun for all your kids, not just the ones who can walk by themselves.

And also my house didn’t get egged.


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  1. Melissa says

    Hmm, well at first I kinda chuckled when I read this, then I stopped. Seriously, you ruined your evening on your own, you chose to not go with your kids and spend time with them. Why? Because some obnoxious teens did what obnoxious teens do? Thats kinda sad. It is kind of ridiculous to leave candy out and not expect kids to take more than they should. The real question is, why bother with Halloween at all? If its candy your kids want, buy it and give it to them and call it done. It is one holiday I have never understood the attraction of. I do hope your house didn’t get egged, no one deserves that!! I hope your day was better today!

  2. Stephanie says

    I am sorry this happened to you.

    I don’t think the “Take One” sign works anymore in this day in age. It only takes one bad ‘egg’ to spoil all the fun.

  3. amy says

    I hear you. I give out juice boxes and last night I put out a bowl that said take 1 when I went to put my 9 month old to bed. I was turning off some light inside and heard a group of kids comming up the stairs. I could see them through the door window and saw the first kid taking 3-4 juice boxes. I opened the door quickly and said “the sign says take 1, think about the little kids” This group was probably in 7-8 grade. Hopefully the next time when there is a bowl of candy that says “take 1″ they may think someone may be watching them.

  4. Shawna says

    I have an issue with those commenters that state that teenagers shouldn’t be trick or treating, or that it is just a holiday for the little kids. I am 40 years old, and I start planning Halloween costumes the day after Halloween for the NEXT year!! I always dress up and go all out. And so do my kids. All 6 of them. Ages 1 to 18. My 18 yr old didn’t go trick or treating because he’s in the Air Force, but the rest of my kids did. Where is it written that this is a holiday for little kids only? So, older kids and adults aren’t supposed to have fun? Get real. What a bunch of party poopers. As for insinuating that it’s all for the candy and you could just go to Walmart and get it half off the day after, maybe for some it is all about free candy. And there are probably a good share of parents that eat their little little kids candy for themselves. For us, it’s about creativity and the costumes. I personally let my kids pick out a few favorite pieces of candy, and I buy the rest of the candy from them (for 1-5 cents each depending on how much they have) and I donate it. Churches, daycares, etc. are always glad to have candy that they can pass out for treats. NO child needs to be eating that kind of garbage, and especially in the amounts that they get after trick or treating.

    Second…leaving out a bowl of candy is just stupid. There will always be some teenager whos parents didn’t teach them better that will take the whole thing. You leave out a bowl, you should expect that. You can hardly complain if you opened yourself up to that one. We pass out candy before leaving, and after returning. :)

  5. says

    You go, mama! Your post made me laugh and think and laugh some more. We’ve lived in small Oregon towns for 40 years where everyone knows everyone else…including all their “bidness.” How different this incident would have been if you could have called each of these teens by their full names! As it is I love that we recognize the kids and teens that are out on Halloween, in costume or not. As for parents following in cars…totally agree with you. Get out and walk with your kids! Think of the neat conversations you could have about the decorations, costumes and candy. You are missing out, you lazy parents.