Window Problems

When my husband and I built our house, our eat-in dining area right off the kitchen quickly became one of my most favorite spots in the house. I have a lot of memories of this space in the 9 years we’ve been here – family meal times, game nights, nightly homework and school projects. This table is where I do most of my creating too, and the window has always let some great light inside and given me a clear view of my kids playing in the backyard. (And by a “clear” view, I mean a “blurry from all the finger prints” view.)

But there is one thing I have never liked about this window since the day we moved in- these vertical blinds:

We had some in the house I grew up in and I didn’t like them then either! I don’t like the way they look or sound and I don’t like how easily they break! They are made from some kind of plastic, but I think they must have a baby magnet inside them ’cause my 9 month old is usually found like this:

…playing in the blinds! We have broken 2 of these since Addie has been crawling around. (And by “we”, I mean “she”).

The panels are supposed to slide all the way to the left or they can twist from laying flat to standing on their side, but I don’t remember a single time in 9 years that they have functioned properly without me manually flipping one (or two or three!) that have gotten stuck or jammed. And my kids don’t even try to open them anymore- they just run right through them as they go in and out of the house. (Did I mention these blinds break easily?)

For nine years I have wanted something else to cover these windows. I need something that looks good and it also has to be easy to clean given the location and the nature of mealtimes with little kids who like to spill and splatter food. Curtains have never been an option because they would be covered in last night’s dinner in no time.

And then a couple weeks ago I was introduced to Decorview.

Browsing their site, I was instantly intrigued by all their window solutions: child and pet safe, energy effecient, cordless, room darkening and more. I was also able to browse their solutions for sliding doors. They had a lot of really great ideas and I suddenly had hope that all would be well!

Decorview asked if I would be interested in working with them to share with all of you the entire process of bringing a window or windows from drab to fab. (It’s like they’ve read my mind and just knew I was struggling with this very thing!)

So last week I met with Amber, my local Hunter Douglas designer. The experience was fantastic, Amber was so professional and very kind, and I was AMAZED at just how many options were available to me! I told Amber the only thing I was going to say negatively about this experience was that there were TOO MANY OPTIONS- it was hard for me to decide what I liked best. :)

Amber spent about an hour in my home (which could’ve been less if I were more decisive) and I finally decided to go with a product that is going to look awesome! I am SO excited!!!!

It takes a couple weeks to get the product and then everything will be installed by one of their professionals- which is a good thing. I love DIY projects, but some things are better left for the professionals. They said it will take about an hour. I will be back to share with you the big reveal when everything is done and beautiful.

For now, say goodbye to these vertical blinds with me-

Learn more about Décorview’s products on

Read window covering tips and tricks HERE.

Do your windows need an upgrade? Schedule your free design consultation from Décorview today, and save on the most popular styles!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Décorview. The opinions and text are all mine.


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    I LOVE all of those beautiful window coverings and designs!

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    So many fun options! Can’t wait to see what you picked!

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