Young Womens Lesson Schedule 2012 Manual One

I’m a Young Women’s leader in my ward and I absolutely LOVE it! {YW is the best!} Each week, I get to prepare a lesson for the girls and I take quite a bit of time planning and preparing.

Handouts are a must, mostly because I remember how much I loved them as a teenager, and I always type out quotes for the chalkboard in a cute font and on fun colored paper.

In case you haven’t noticed, I am a pretty visual person!

My husband thinks this is all completely unnecessary.

He might be right, but I’ll keep doing what I love regardless.

Anyway, here is a 2012 lesson schedule for manual one. Each lesson title is linked to the individual lesson helps on Sugardoodle so you can see all the fun lesson helps they have to offer. Just click the link below & enjoy!

YW 2012 Lesson Schedule Manual 1

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  1. Thank you! I’m in YW too and LOVE IT! Can’t wait to check this site out. :)

  2. I love your idea and would like to share what we are doing in our ward. We recently split from all of the girls meeting together to having individual classes – our group grew last year! To make sure we were all on the same lesson each Sunday I created a private calendar on that only the YW presidency can view and edit. I entered the lesson number right there on the ward calendar. Then we have everything in one place. I also entered the girls birthdays on this private calendar. This way we can see the info but it doesn’t clutter the rest of the member’s calendars who have no need to know about YW. Love your website. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas.


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