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Hi! I am Corie from a fun website called, The Dating Divas! I get to blog with ten other creative girls about dating your spouse. Each week we post exciting and inexpensive ways to keep the spark alive in your marriage.  Our idea today is perfect for date night…but really any night for that matter. Thanks for having us Steph!

I sure do enjoy a night out on the town, but I also enjoy being at home! I decided my husband and I were in need of a date night at home that was simple, relaxing and electronic free!  We are both, let’s say rather addicted to our smart phones and have a tendency to be on them….A LOT!

I told my husband in the morning that once the kids were in bed, we were going to turn everything off and just be together.   I also told him we would each choose one treat and a game to play.

Choice #1: A Treat

I am currently obsessed with seven layer bars (Which hello…are so easy to make… I can’t believe I haven’t been making these weekly! ). If you want an easy recipe, check this one out here!

My husband is a big fan of hot chocolate, so that was his pick.  We love adding candy canes to make our hot chocolate to make it even sweeter!

Micah Folsom Photography

Choice #2: A Game

So with treats in hand, my husband was the first to go. He picked a board game.   However, we had to play it in candle light. First of all, it was SO nice to not have the distractions of our phones/computer. We just focused on the game at hand and of course each other.  There is something to be said about playing a game in candle light.

Micah Folsom Photography

After we enjoyed a game, (which he won by the way), it was my turn!

A year ago, I did a post called Hot Topics at Dinner. This was a fun family idea for dinner time. Each family member picked a “Hot Topic” and answered the question. Well, I thought why not create something like this, but for a relationship.  So, earlier in the day, I quickly made a jar and printed off a six page list full of all sorts of questions!

You can make your own jar in five minutes!

What You Need:

1. A jar

2. Print, “Let’s Talk” Question List here!

Optional: You can “spice” it up a little with some ribbon & scrapbooking paper to make it look a little more festive.

We had a great time taking turns and answering questions about ourselves.  Sometimes we would guess what each other would say and sometimes we would let it be a surprise.  I’ve known my husband for sixteen years and thought I knew everything about him.  However, this question list covers A LOT of information!  So….needless to say, I learned several new things!

Well, there it is…a quick and quiet night with your spouse at home.

I hope you enjoy the “Let’s Talk” question list as much as we did.

Be sure to check out our site The Dating Divas to find many more fun and creative ideas! Thanks for having me!

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