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5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain


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Stay on track with your health and fitness goals this holiday season with these 5 simple tips to avoid holiday weight gain.

Holiday Weight Gain

The Holidays are a wonderful time of year! There is so much to be thankful for, to appreciate, and to enjoy. But this is also the time of year that many of us will gain a lot more than just quality time with family and friends! Gaining an extra 5-10 pounds isn’t unusual, nor is it hard to do! But who wants to spend the following 3-6 months trying to get it off?

Don’t ditch your health and fitness goals completely! Here are 5 simple tips to help avoid holiday weight gain.

Holiday Weight Gain Tips

Holiday Weight Gain

1. Drink a big glass of water before every meal.

8-16 ounces to be exact! You should be drinking your weight in ounces per day to keep your body functioning properly, to help process foods, and remove toxins from your body. How can this prevent weight gain? Drinking water before every meal helps reduce the amount of food you eat at each sitting. Also, most times our bodies are actually thirsty instead of hungry. Listen to your body and give it the proper nutrition it needs…including water!

Holiday Weight Gain

2. Schedule in some exercise.

The cooler weather, shorter days, and overwhelming to-do list can leave you feeling exhausted and out of time. The last thing on your mind is probably exercising, but make sure you get it done! 30-35 minutes 4-5 times a week {preferably before a meal} is all you need to keep the holiday weight gain at bay.

Holiday Weight Gain

3. Eat a healthy protein with every meal and snack.

Did you know that protein can help you stay fuller longer, help you keep lean muscle mass, AND speeds up your metabolism to burn more calories? Try to eat a lean healthy protein at every meal and snack. Great examples of this are:

  • lean red meats
  • fish/seafoods: salmon, tuna, and shrimp are my favorites
  • beans: pinto, chickpeas, soybeans, and black beans
  • low fat Greek yogurt
  • low fat cottage cheese
  • oatmeal
  • natural peanut butter
  • tofu
  • hard boiled eggs
  • nuts: walnuts, almonds

Holiday Weight Gain

4. Treat the Holiday like any other day.

Most people tend to skip meals leading up to a Holiday dinner thinking that they will skip on calories to save for over indulgence later on. Others may skip a workout or spend the day lounging instead of getting up and moving. Treat the Holiday like any other day means to get up and exercise, eat breakfast and lunch {healthy of course} just like any other day and then eat dinner without going overboard. Don’t treat dinner like it will be your last supper. Instead, eat small portions of your favorite dishes to include dessert. You don’t have to skip what you love…just eat less of it!

Holiday Weight Gain

5. Get some sleep!

The Holidays are a busy time for most of us – hosting out-of-town guests, kids programs at school, shopping, cleaning, volunteering, projects, cooking….the list goes on! Make sure you take time to relax, take care of yourself, and get some much needed rest. Sleep is critical to a healthy weight and healthy immune system. Sleep can help to fight off sickness, fatigue, and exhaustion…all three which can lead to overeating during stressful times. If you are experiencing issues with falling asleep, try limiting your intake of caffeine, alcohol, and sugars. You can also try exercising in the evening and then take a hot shower or bath to help you relax.

 Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jennifer is a budet savvy mama and wife who shares how to live a blissful and healthy life on her site, Blissfully Ever After. Jennifer was a member of the Somewhat Simple Contributing Team in 2012.

This post originally published on Somewhat Simple in November 2012. 


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