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7 Blogging Tips


When I was on the Blogspot platform, I learned how to do everything on my own- the layout, design, coding etc. I never paid for anyone to do anything for me because {I was too cheap} I knew I could figure it out by searching for it on Google. I got questions from my readers all the time about how I changed this and that or made something and I was always happy to share! Here is a list I made in 2010 with the 7 most-popular blogging tips.

1.  Template Design.

No web designer needed! If you want a totally different layout, try these 2 sites (which also link up to a bazillion different sites too!) I changed the layout of all the blogs I have ever had a hundred times and I have done it all for free. Its so easy!
Our Blog Templates

2. Add A Signature
A signature at the bottom of each of your posts is the easiest thing I ever added to my blog and I learned it from my SIL’s tutorial HERE


3. Button Help
I taught you how to create a button on Somewhat Simple, and a lot of you tried it and had great success with it! For those of you who missed it, click HERE. I also explained how to resize a button HERE

4. Switching to a Dot Com
This post was written after a bad attempt to switch to WP on my own (don’t do it unless you are a pro!) Basically, I wanted to be a dot com and not a blogspot dot com and I thought you had to buy hosting and switch to WP to do this. You don’t! Go get your dot com today for only $10 and you can stay on blogger. Best discovery I ever happened upon by myself.  Details HERE.

5. Changing the font of your blog
The easy way but with limited font options- The Cutest Blog on the Block
That harder way, but how you can use any font known to man- Kevin & Amanda

6. Adding a Favicon
A favicon is the little image next to your browser’s address bar. Not all browsers support favicons, but its a fun way to give your site its own identity for those browsers that do support them. Details on how to make and install your own HERE.

7. Horizontal Navigation
Before blogger had the new gadgets, adding a navigation bar was a lot harder than it is now! If you’d like to make yours even more custom with a basic bar across the screen in either plain text or a pictured link- Click HERE
Or perhaps you want a drop down navigation bar?  Click HERE.


I would love to hear what your favorite resources and tips are! And for all you WP users, stay tuned! I’ve got a post coming up with my favorite WP plugins just for you!

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