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All Natural Energy Boosters


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all natural energy boosters

The next time you need a boost, try a natural energy booster instead of drinks full of sugar, caffeine, and chemicals!

24 Natural Energy Boosters

With permission to share from Jill Nystul, One Good Thing By Jillee

1. Pump Up the Volume

I find that listening to music for about an hour a day helps to reduce fatigue. Your mental and physical energy get a big boost every time you immerse yourself in music that moves you.

2. Color Your World

Yellow is the color most closely linked with a healthy mood; other happy hues are orange and lilac. Try painting your walls in these colors or, if you don’t want to paint an entire room, accent a wall or paint just your ceiling blue. Blue simulates the sky and brings the outside in.

According to research published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, the colors you wear also affect how you feel. Tap in to red to help you exude confidence. Seek out orange for its playful, high-energy qualities. If you like wearing all black, accent your outfit with colors. Instant pick-me-up!

3. Take a Whiff

The scent of jasmine increases beta waves, which make you more awake and alert. Keep a small bottle of jasmine essential oil in your handbag. Or try a whiff of peppermint. A study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that sniffing peppermint essential oil immediately improves both athletes’ running speed and office workers’ typing speed. Its scent boosts motivation and concentration. So grab an infusion of peppermint, whether it’s a breath mint, lip gloss, or hand lotion. Orange, lemon, and cinnamon are also energy-boosting scents. Aromatherapy scents can easily be ordered online or found in many health food or homeopathic stores.

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4. Take a Bite out of Life

Cool and tangy citrus flavors can ramp up your energy by activating nerves in the mouth, throat, and nasal cavity that trigger a heightened level of brain activity. Chewing gum is another way to enhance energy. The muscle tension that comes with chewing can increase heart rate and alertness and stimulate the nervous system.

5. Tap Your Thymus

Your thymus gland is located at the top center of your chest, below the collarbone, between your breasts. Tapping on this gland results in the production of T cells that boost energy and relieve stress. To get an instant boost of energy, it is recommended to tap your thymus with the fingertips for at least twenty seconds. Plus, while you tap, make sure that you are breathing slowly and deeply.

6. In the Blink of an Eye

The next time you’re fighting the urge to doze off at your desk, try blinking more often. When reading, watching TV, or on the computer, blink ten to twenty times per minute, rather than staring at the screen or page without blinking at all. (You’d be surprised how little we blink when staring at our screens.)

7. Inhale… Exhale

Take a few deep breaths when you feel your energy level dropping. Stop what you are doing and pay attention to your breath moving in and out of your body. By taking time to pause instead of rushing, hurrying, and worrying, you give yourself a chance to rest and recharge.

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8. Exercise with a Buddy… Outdoors

Studies show that the energizing effect of exercise is boosted when done with a partner. Ditto when exercise occurs outdoors.

9. Turn Your World Upside Down

Even if you’re just leaning over to touch your toes, any inverted pose is energizing. It stretches out your back and increases the blood flow to your head.

10. End Your Shower with a Burst of Cold Water

Your body responds more quickly to a cold stimulus than to hot, so a quick, short blast will perk you up.

11. Pull Your Hair

No, really… Gently take handfuls of hair and pull the skin away from your scalp to get blood flowing to that area of the head. This can relieve a lot of tension that can be very tiring.

12. Be Nice to a Stranger

When we behave kindly to others, our energy goes up. Find lots of ideas for joining the acts of kindness movement at

13. Have a Good Laugh

After a good laugh, you experience a momentary surge of energy, which—in addition to reducing stress and boosting immunity—can help your body regenerate more healthful cells over time. A hearty belly laugh increases your heart rate and activates your muscular system, making you feel instantly revived. It also provides a shift in thought patterns, and since energy levels are directly related to the way people thing, it can be very uplifting. So go ahead, yuk it up!

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14. Flower Power

Buy blooms or grow them in your own garden. A study at Harvard Medical School showed that flowers not only make a room look prettier but also lift the mood of everyone around. It also showed that people who looked at fresh blooms in the morning reporter higher energy levels for the rest of the day.

 15. Remember to Eat

Research has shown that people who eat breakfast have more energy and are happier throughout the day. Furthermore, if you eat every three hours instead of just a few times per day, you are more likely to see your energy levels sustain themselves.

16. Drink Less Alcohol and More Water

Even only slight dehydration can cause feelings of extreme fatigue. Drinking water steadily throughout the day can do wonders for energy levels. Also, drinking alcohol close to bedtime will lead you to feel especially fatigued the next day. Alcohol interferes with the ability to sleep deeply, even if it helps the initial falling-asleep process.

17. Eliminate Energy Vampires

Ever get off the phone with someone and instantly want to hit the sack? Then you’ve been bitten by an energy vampire, someone who drains your lifeblood. Avoid them.

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18. Let the Sun Shine In

Studies show that a mere twenty minutes a day of sunshine can work wonders to boost your energy—and your mood. You can also get an energy kick from sitting near a light box for forty-five minutes a day. It’s a pill-free way to increase alertness during waking hours.

19. Tidy Up Your Work Space

Clutter can sap the energy right out of you. Start by clearing everything off your desk and dusting and cleaning the surface. Now pick and choose carefully what you put back and where you put it. Keeping items to a minimum will boost your attention for the items that remain there.

20. Think Positive Thoughts

Scientists have proven that we have around sixty thousand thoughts a day, and the vast majority of those are negative, which rob us of precious energy. Try consciously replacing “I can’t” thoughts with “I can” thoughts. Practice it over and over for one week. You’ll be amazed at how much more energy you have.

21. Change It Up

Drive a different route to work, get a new hairstyle, and try a different workout. Not only will you feel more energized, but as studies show, changing your routine makes you smarter, too.

22. Reflexology

Take a golf ball and roll it between your desktop and your hand, from the base of the thumb, where your hand webs out, down to the wrist. There’s a really sensitive spot there. Stimulating it will perk you up.

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23. Sit Up Straight

Poor posture puts uneven pressure on the spine and causes some muscles to work extra hard, which makes them tight and tense and requires them to use up extra energy. You can realign your spine by simply lifting your rib cage away from the top of your hips.

 24. Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Iron

Due to certain conditions such as anemia, women often feel fatigued. Getting more iron helps fight that condition. Ideally, you’ll get what you need from iron-rich food sources like kale and spinach, as well as whole grains, beans, red meat, fish, and tofu. But if you’re like me and require iron supplements, talk to your doctor first.


These energy boosters came straight from a book I think all of you should grab- One Good Life, by Jill Nystul.

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Wow—what a special, amazing book! ‘One Good Life’ is filled to the brim with the useful and unique tips, recipes, and advice that Jill’s faithful readers have come to love and adore. But it’s her hard-fought journey to sobriety that will capture readers’ hearts. It will be impossible for this beautiful—and very moving—book not to inspire everyone who reads it.


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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of my blogging friend, Jill Nystul. Jill sent me a free copy of this book in exchange for this post. All opinions here are 100% my own. For more information, please visit Jill’s blog and check out her social media communities: Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@byjillie).


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