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Apron Applique Tutorial


It is a delight to be back here at Somewhat Simple with another sewing project.

In case you aren’t aware of this, I have been making aprons and apron patterns for almost five years.  All of my patterns {and an apron or two} are available in my Etsy shop, Sugar Pie Chic.

What got me started making aprons was this thought about  women and aprons.  It dawned while I was in my kitchen preparing dinner  that women throughout the ages have worn aprons.

Think about it. Women have been the ones to care for their loved ones.  In that moment, in my kitchen, in my apron, I felt this universal connection with women throughout the ages.  This realization caused me to want to do something to continue this chain.  So, I began a little apron project and it grew.

So, to help you connect with the women you love, I’ve created a very, very easy apron tutorial.  As a matter of fact, you do not even have to MAKE an apron; instead, you are going to EMBELLISH a ready made apron.  If you can sew a straight stitch, then you can create this apron ~ and the chain of connection will continue.

Here’s what you’re going to need:

1 Craft Store Apron (use a coupon!)

1 7” Green(ish) zipper (you can use up to a 9″)


Fabric Scraps

Unique Stitch Fabric Glue (anyone who knows me knows I never sew without it)

Steam A Seam 2 or another brand of iron-on fusible web

Step 1:

Press the wrinkles out of the apron. This sounds so simple, but it is absolutely necessary in applique.

Step 2:

Open zipper and place it above the pocket (as though it is coming out of the pocket.) I like to have the zipper tails just inside the pocket.

Use a small amount of Unique Stitch Fabric Glue on the back of the zipper and glue it to the apron.  Be sure to leave room near zipper edge to stick a leaf under the zipper.  Let it dry for at least an hour.

Step 3:

While the glue is drying in Step #2, use this time to prepare your flowers and  leaves.

I am using a fabric that has flowers and leaves in the print. This is the simplest way to create this project.

Follow the package directions and apply the Steam A Seam 2 to the back of your fabric scraps. Be sure to watch the direction of your flowers.

Cut out the flower and leaf shapes.  Peel off the Steam A Seam 2 backing and arrange on apron.  Press to hold.

Hint: I prefer Steam A Seam 2 because it is lightweight AND it has a grabbing ability which allows you to place your fabric on the backing and cut before ironing.  It also gently holds to the fabric being appliqued allowing you to arrange before ironing.


If you prefer something different, I’m including a template.  Click here to download the template.  Print the template for the flowers and leaves.  Cut out the templates. Iron the Steam A Seam 2 to the back of your fabric.  Trace the flowers and leaves onto the backing.  Cut out appliques and continue on to Step 4.  If you need more help with this,  see this tutorial on my blog.

Step 4:

Using a zipper foot, stitch down the zipper.  Because you previously glued your zipper in place, your zipper should not move.  This is just a securing stitch.

Change back to a regular sewing foot and straight stitch just inside the appliqués.  When washed, the design will have a nice frayed effect.  For a more secure design, use a zigzag stitch to hold design.

Idea Hint: Notice the center of the flower above.  On my finished apron below, I added a few iron-on crystals.  Just another way to make your apron fun and unique.

VOILA!  You now have an apron that is adorable and inexpensive!  With the upcoming holidays, make a few to have on hand as gifts.


The possibilities are endless…I can’t wait to see your ideas!


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