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Birthday Cake Cookies


There are some kids who prefer a cookie over a cake and this kind of kid needs a birthday cake cookie at their next birthday party!

birthday cake cookies 1

I made these for one such girl who requested sugar cookies at her thirteenth birthday.  These cookies take some dedication as they have several steps and lots of drying time in between, and you can definitely simplify them with solid color cake layers, but here are the instructions for what I did:

For both of the “cake layers” I did an outline in a thick consistency icing, then flooded with a thinner about 7-8 second) consistency icing.  For the wet on wet technique, I used the same  thin consistency as the fill, in a different color.  And as always, I used my trusty squeezie bottles.  (For more on getting your icing just right, refer to my “basics of sugar cookies and royal icing” post.

birthday cake cookies 2

For the bottom layer of the cake, I did some marbling.

1- I started with a 3-tiered wedding cake cookie cutter.  (Thanks to the ever-genius Bridget for showing me this could be turned into a 2-tiered cake).

2- Outline

3- Fill and pop any annoying bubbles.

4- While it’s wet make some horizontal lines.  They don’t need to be anywhere near perfect!

5- Run a toothpick up, then down and so on.  You decide how close together you want your drags to be.  I wasn’t going for chevron, or zebra, just some crazy/fun stripes.

6- Let this layer dry for several hours before starting the next to prevent bleeding.

birthday cake cookies 3

For the second layer of cake…

1- Outline

2- Fill and pop the bubbles.

3,4- While they’re wet, make some colorful polka-dots.  I chose the colors for this cookie based on her paper products for the party.

birthday cake cookies 4

I trimmed out the cake with a layer of pink frosting.  I used a #16 tip and used the touch, up and over, and drag…repeat technique.  I don’t know what it’s called but my mom taught me it when I was a wee child.  And I still call it touch, up and over and drag.  Maybe I should’ve gone to cake decorating classes.  It would help my lingo.  Anywayzzzz,

1- Don’t do this step till your other layers have dried for almost 24 hours.  Right after I did the trim, I sprinkled rainbow disco dust on it.

2-  After that dries, wipe away the excess glitter with a paint brush.

3-  If the rest of the cookie was dry enough, it should wipe away clean!

birthday cake cookies 5

1- For the candles, I took the tip off my pink icing and put a #2 tip on.  I made thirteen little lines.

2- Then for the candle flames, I made a little yellow dots with a #2 tip and dragged them up a bit.

3- I wanted the flames to sparkle, but my candles hadn’t dried long enough, so I covered them with a piece of paper and then sprinkled my disco dust.

4- After it was all dry, I could brush away any excess.

birthday cake cookies 6

And to make the birthday girl’s a little extra special, she got number shaped candles.

birthday cake cookies 7

Between the colors and the glitter, this little group of cookies is really fun!

birthday cake cookies 1

No need to blow out the candles on these.  They are great to grab on the go if maybe there isn’t time for dessert!

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how to make birthday cake cookies

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