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Blog Post Template for Somewhat Simple Contributors


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First – Choose a title with your Keyword as close to the beginning as possible.

Second – Make sure the permalink is just your KEYWORD and not the entire title.

. . . .

Your first paragraph should be centered, italicized, 14pt font and should include your keyword. If you’re writing a sponsored post and the sponsor requires specific wording, you can add it here, too. 🙂

Quick introduction with links to 2-3 similar posts.


Include a centered H2 with a variation of your Keyword.

(If your keyword is “Chocolate Cake” and your Title is “Easy Chocolate Cake”, this heading could be “The Best Chocolate Cake”)

Write a paragraph or two describing your post. Include a backstory, how you came up with the idea, or what you love about it, etc. This paragraph and all other paragraphs in your post should be justified so the text aligns on both the left and right margins. (Click the straight lines button on the toolbar between the U and the A.) Please do not center the text in your blog post unless it is a title or heading.

Here are a few more Easy Cleaning Ideas (or whatever your keyword/topic is) you might enjoy: (h3)

  1. Spring Cleaning Hacks + The Best Cleaning Printables
  2. Quick House Cleaning In Minutes + Free Printables!
  3. Printable Cleaning Checklist Cards + Simple Cleaning Bucket

How to Make (Name of project/recipe containing your key word): Heading 2, Centered

If you’re writing a recipe post, please put your recipe into a recipe card. Each recipe card should include – 

  • Recipe Title (with keyword)
  • Summary (this will be the first paragraph of your blog post)
  • Ingredients
  • Directions
  • Serving Size
  • Calories (you can find the calories of pretty much any meal using

If you are writing a craft/project post, please do the following:

Supplies needed for (name of tutorial)

^change to heading 3

  • list all
  • of the supplies needed
  • in bullet form

Directions for (name of tutorial)

^change to heading 3

  1. Your step-by-step
  2. instructions
  3. should be numbered.
  4. Like this.
  5. xoxo


Add any tips or notes and sum it up! You can also add any sponsored post key messaging. 😉

blog post template


  1. Choose ONE category on the right.
  2. Add your tags. (Please do not make your own tags. List of approved Tags are HERE. )
  3. Set a featured image (700×500) (Make  it beautiful -no text)
  4. Fill out the Social Media info below. The featured image goes in the horizontal image area and your pinterest image goes below. Copy and paste the title and first paragraph of your post into the given text boxes. Add as many hashtags as you can think of for the Pinterest description.
  5. Fill out the Yoast SEO info below and get all green lights 🙂


Feel free to reach out to Stephanie or Sarah with any questions or comments you might have about this process. (or)

Thanks for all your creativity and hard work! We have SUCH an amazing team!!!

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