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Christmas Tic Tac Labels – Simple and Festive


I decided that my Christmas Tic Tac labels from last year kinda felt incomplete.  So I decided to make them some friends!

christmas tic tac labels printable

I had such a HUGE response to the Halloween Tic Tac Labels, and some of you even asked if I would do Christmas ones.  Well, dear friends, here ya go!

How fun are these Christmas Tic Tac Labels??

snowman poop reindeer noses and christmas tree seeds christmas tic tac labels printableAnd here are a few more…

Candy Cane Seeds Snowman Noses and Snowflake Seeds Christmas Tic Tac Lables Printable

(I found the red + white Tic Tacs at Target in the Christmas candy section, but you could just use plain red or plain white -OR- find most any Tic Tac flavor you need on Amazon)

Just print off, cut out, then glue on to your Tic Tacs! Perfect for teachers, co-workers, classmates and stocking stuffers! Here is how to make them:

Christmas Tic Tac Labels


*If you’d like to get even fancier, print these off on sticker paper, and eliminate the need for a glue stick. 🙂


  1. Cut out labels.
  2. Glue the labels on the Tic Tacs
  3. …that’s it!

So stinkin’ easy!!

My kids can’t get enough of them.

There’s just something awesome about eating snowman poop. 😉


Hope you all enjoy these Christmas Tic Tac labels as much as we do!

Have a fantastic holiday weekend! -xoxo

Tic Tac Labels For Other Occasions

We have 15 more Tic Tac Printables for every holiday and celebration imaginable!

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These Christmas Tic Tac Labels are so stinkin' cute + easy! My kids LOVE them. There's just something awesome about eating snowman poop. ;) #christmastictaclabels #christmascandy #snowmanpoop #printable

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