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High School Reunion Themed Valentine’s Day Party


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A Valentine’s Day Party where everyone comes dressed in clothes from High School just might be our very favorite couple’s party to date!

We love a fun night spent with good friends! A casual Adult Game Night, a fun White Elephant Gift Exchange, or a Couples Dinner Party are a few favorite options, but this High School Reunion party just takes the cake!

Valentine's Day Party

Couple’s Valentine’s Day Party

Years ago my husband decided to do away with planning our annual Christmas party and instead do a couple’s Valentine’s Day Party instead. One of our favorite parties that we planned was a High School Reunion theme where all our friends dressed in the era of the year they graduated -OR- they wore something they still had hanging in their closets that they owned in high school. The night was super fun, here is how it all went down –

*All Printables mentioned are available for you to download at the end of this post! 🙂 

valentines day party invites

Valentine’s Day Party Invitations

We kept it super simple with the date and location + what the expectations were as far as attire and the white elephant gift exchange were concerned.

Valentine’s Day Party Set Up

We kept the decor very simple – yearbooks, popular school novels and school supplies served as centerpieces. We also had a vase of markers for the game we were playing in the center of each table.

Valentine’s Day Party Dinner

Guests were treated to a casual dinner- cafeteria style! It was a buffet line with rectangular Styrofoam plates* and everyone’s favorite school lunch- Pizza! We asked our guests to bring a side to share, so we had a variety of options. Drinks were cartons of milk and juice (we did have some soda too) and for dessert, ice cream cups with wooden spoons!

* Check the dollar store for the styrofoam plates – I’ve purchased packs of 10 or 20 for $1 several times!

White elephant gift exchange

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

The entertainment for the night was our White Elephant Gift Exchange. We did this 2 years ago and people have been asking us to do another one since that crazy night! Here is how we did it:

  • Everyone wrote down their spouses “little known secret” and all papers went into the bowl. (Remember, since these are secrets coming from their spouses mouths, people got really creative and dug deep since it wasn’t revealing anything about themselves!)
  • One at a time, I pulled out a secret from the bowl and gave everyone a chance to laugh at guess who’s secret it was.
  • Whoever’s secret it was got to pick a gift from the white elephant pile. Each gift could be stolen 2x’s before it became “frozen”. We literally laughed all night long- first at the secrets, then at the funny gifts people brought for the exchange!

Class favorites voting and awards

High School Reunion – Class Favorites

The last thing we did for the night was chose our “class favorites.” I had ballots on the table for all guests to write down who at the party should get the titles for “Best Smile, Best Dressed, Most Athletic” etc. We tallied up the votes and gave some awards to the winners. Here are the prizes we gave, all purchased at the dollar store.

Best Smile- Toothpaste

Best Eyes- Giant Sunglasses

Class Clowns- Laffy Taffy

Cutest Couple- Sweethearts

Most Athletic- Foam Baseball

Most Likely to Succeed- Calculator

Best Hair- Comb

Best Dressed- Plastic Hangers

The cutest couple winners weren’t even a couple, they just both happened to wear their prom clothes so it fit! They were shocked when their names were read!

…and that is it!

Pizza, ice cream and a white elephant party- this really can’t get any easier to plan!

Want to plan your own High School Reunion Valentine’s Day Party?!

Grab the free printables below!

Couple's Valentines Day Party

This post originally published on Somewhat Simple in February 2011

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