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Fake a Clean House in Minutes


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How to fake a clean house to get your house back in order, and fast!

Quick clean checklist How to fake clean a house

Whether you have company coming over, need to clean up quickly after a long day, or have simply skipped a week’s worth of cleaning (like me), focus on these housekeeping tasks and your house will whipped into shape in mere minutes. Save the deep cleaning for another day – this is all about returning your house to a working order and making your cleaning count!

The Bare Basics to Fake a Clean House

Clear the Kitchen Counters

The heart of your home is often the messiest. Start here in your quest for a fake clean house by doing the following:

  • put food items away in pantry/fridge
  • throw away any collecting trash
  • load dishes in dishwasher or put a little pile neatly in the sink
  • do a quick wipe down, if needed

10 Minute Tidy

Clutter can easily make a fairly clean house look like a disaster!

  • Grab some baskets or bags
  • Collect items that look cluttered or items that are out of place
  • Put items back where they belong, or stack the baskets nicely in a room or closet that is out of sight.

Light a Candle

A pleasant smelling house can hide a multitude of sins and is often the first thing my guests mention when they come over!

Make Beds

  • straighten the sheets
  • fluff the throw pillows

…ahhh, much better right?

Wipe Down the Bathroom 

Whenever I do this it looks like I cleaned the whole bathroom…only I didn’t {wink}.

  • Grab a Clorox wipe (or a baby wipe!) and quickly wipe the counters.
  • Check the toilet. Give is a good swish with the toilet brush

… That’s it!

Even though every surface may not be scrubbed down, the end result is a clean looking house and plenty of time to enjoy it. Win-Win!

If you’re a “cleaning wanderer” and get distracted like me, here’s a handy checklist to help keep you focused on the tasks:

How to fake clean a house


Now go get your house in order… or at least make it appear to be so!

. . . . .

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Amy was a monthly cleaning and organization contributor on Somewhat Simple in 2012. She was the author of the blog 20 Minute Mom, where she shared time-saving & home management tips.

This post originally published on Somewhat Simple in August 2012

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