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Family Reading Night Activity

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Grab some pillows and blankets, download these darling free printables, and start making memories at your family reading night!

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I’ve always loved reading. Whether on my own, or listening to someone, it has been one of my favorite pastimes. However, with all the technology available to my kids these days, I feel like they don’t quite appreciate (or love) a good book as much as I do.

I racked my mom-brain to come up with a way to spark some reading interest and I decided to create a little party – a little Family Reading Night Activity. Of course it had to be super simple, because I’m lazy a minimalist, and they had to be colorful and eye-catching to grab the interest of any child. And it had to be cute, because let’s be honest here. I’m obsessed with cute. 😉


family reading night activity supplies


What I love most about this activity, is that you can go as low-key, or over-the-top as you feel up to!

  • Paper sacks
  • Cellophane bags
  • Washi tape
  • Drink
  • Snacks
  • Scissors
  • Family Reading Night Activity Free Printables (download at end of post)

family reading night activity layout


  1. Cut out your labels.
  2. Place your snacks in the bags.
  3. Seal the bags with tape, then attach the corresponding label to the front.
  4. Attach your drink label and DRINK ME label to your drink.
  5. Attach the EAT ME label onto the front of the paper sack and fill:



  • Replace the paper sacks with a darling bucket or basket.
  • Replace the cellophane bags with snack-sized baggies or even just purchase individual snack packs and just tape or staple the labels right onto those.
  • Washi tape is for cuteness, but I deeply considered just using a darn stapler.
  • Drink: I loved the idea of a matching green drink, but you could just use a water bottle – maybe even attach those individual drink powder packets to the side. Or even cut the label down to fit around a juice box.
  • Snacks:

MOWGLI COOKIES: animal cookies or crackers.
SNOW’S APPLES: apple slices, candy apple rings, dried apples, or tie a string around a whole apple stem and attach the tag to that.
HANSEL + GRETEL’S CRUMBS: granola, trail mix, cereal, chex mix, etc.
JACK’S BEANS: jelly beans, corn nuts, m&m’s, etc.
TINK’S PIXIE DUST: pop rocks, pixie sticks, fun dip, etc.

  • Buffet style: buy everything in bulk, set them out in large bowls with these labels sitting in front.

Family reading night goodie bag


Now, you can just have everyone read their own books, read to them yourself, OR (my favorite option) let Audible do the reading!

Our family picked Alice In Wonderland, since I’m huge on reading the book before seeing the movie. And how can you go wrong with this classic? Some other books we’ve added to our “listening” list are The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, The Wizard Of Oz, The Snow Queen, and the Percy Jackson series. Also, this December I’m really looking forward to listening to The Christmas Carol.

family reading night activity download

Family Reading Night PDF

So go. Download these Family Reading Night Activity Free Printables. Get your supplies. Grab the family.

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