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Folded Napkin Silverware Pocket

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How to make a Napkin Pocket

Having your kids set the table for dinner just got a bit fancier and fun!! Gone are the days of forks being strewn about the table in a sloppy, hurried rush. This folded napkin silverware pocket takes 5 seconds to put together and it is easy enough for young kids to create.  My kids just learned how to make them a few days ago and it has changed the way our table looks at dinnertime! Our table has never been set with more care and regard than it has over the past couple of days. Here is a quick video to show you just how easy the 5 second process is. Take a look:


What a difference a folded napkin makes to a place setting!

With a folded napkin silverware pocket, your kids can set your dinner table and feel proud when the table looks as nice as it does. They’re putting forth a little more effort that has a big influence on the look and feel of your family meal- which is a great feeling of accomplishment!

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