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Thank You Cards: Free Printable Floral Postcards


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Printable thank you cards are the perfect way to send a kind word of appreciation in a flash! 

thank you cards

When I was going through my multiple surgeries, I was floored by how many people stepped up and helped out me and my family. And it was more than a few meals – it was taking my children so I could rest, it was driving me to doctor appointments (2 hrs one way!), sending flowers and gift baskets, treats and get well cards. It was heart attacking my door with paper hearts and get well wishes. The list is incredibly long.

I knew wanted to design a beautiful + thoughtful thank you card, but I wanted to fit a bunch on a page, since I needed so many! Then the thought hit me – make a postcard! Postage is cheaper, printing would be cheaper with 4 to a page instead of 2. And that’s how these beautiful thank you postcards came to be!

floral thank you cards


  • floral postcards (download below)
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • pen
  • postcard stamps (if mailing out)


  1. First, print off as many postcards as you need.
  2. Cut out, and write your note.

Note that if you’re sending as a postcard, you need to draw a line down the middle, and then write your  note on the left half, and the name and address of the recipient on the right.

I printed out a bunch to have on hand whenever I needed. Mine usually accompanied dishes that I was returning to friends, or I’d hand it to them directly when they came to offer a service.

I love how beautiful these thank you cards are – there’s something about florals on a dark background that make my heart flutter.

Do you send out thank you cards? I feel like it’s a tradition that’s fading away, so we’re making it easy (and beautiful) to start that tradition back up in families everywhere!

click here to download these thank you cards

Happy note writing!

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This post originally published in 2012, but was updated in 2017.

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