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Mr + Mrs Bunny Printable Silhouettes


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We just love how simple, yet darling, these Mr. + Mrs. Bunny printable silhouettes are!

Bunny Printable

Ah, Spring. Even if it’s not your favorite season, I think we all appreciate and love something about it. I love the flowers. And baby animals. I mean, I can’t even handle it. Now, these aren’t babies, but I love these Mr + Mrs Bunny printable silhouettes, and think they come in a pretty close second. and also, let’s be honest here for a sec, it’s a good thing they’re cute, because in my home, they’ll probably stay up until July.  ‘Cus I’m awesome at switching my seasonal decor on time. (Anyone else like this? Or is it just me who maybe, once in the past, took down Halloween decorations the week before Thanksgiving?)

I digress.

Do you have a spot in your home, the top of a mantel or bookshelf, that is just itching to be spring-i-fied? Well, let’s hop to it! #PunsForDays

Mr + Mrs Bunny Printable Silhouettes


  • Bunny printable silhouettes (link below)
  • Two 8×10 picture frames
  • Scissors


  1. Print off bunnies.
  2. With the scissors, trim down papers to fit into your frame.
  3. Display + enjoy!

I’m seriously in love with the simplicity of these. You can print off on just plain white paper, or you can pick any other paper color to match your decor! What color will you use?

 These two complete me:

Bunny printable silhouettes

(If you find that you are talking to yourself as you place these pictures into their new spots in your home, it’s extremely appropriate to laugh when you say “needs to move over just a ‘hare’ more,” when you realize how funny you are at creating unintentional puns.)

Click here to download your Mr + Mrs bunny printable silhouettes!

(Hurry! These are only free until 4/15/2013!!) 

I hope you all enjoy seeing these two displayed in your home for the rest of the Spring!  Don’t be ashamed if you name them.

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