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Growing Your Blog: How to Increase Pageviews


Growing Your Blog- Increasing Pageviews

Today we’re talking about something that’s important to every single blogger:

How to Increase Pageviews

Whether you started your blog five years ago or just yesterday, you did it because you have something to share and you want people to see it, right?  Many of us see our blogs as a source of income, or we have set a goal to get there someday. But the reality is this: the more pageviews you have, the more money you can make. Whether it’s from an ad network that pays you per 1,000 views or from a sponsor who wants to partner with you on a campaign –  advertisers aren’t interested in working with a blog that no one visits.

Other bloggers may have no interest at all in making money, they have a goal of simply inspiring their readers. But even that goal does not come to pass if no one ever stops by to see their posts.

So, how do we generate pageviews?  How do we get people onto our website?  And how do we get them to stick around and check out our other work once they do stop by?

Here are five tips and tricks that will help drive some new traffic to your site and generate those precious pageviews.

  1. Get your work featured on other sites. Don’t underestimate the power of being featured on other people’s blogs.
    — Link up to popular link parties (we have one here every Friday)
    — Email bloggers directly and ask to guest post. *Make sure your email doesn’t look too spammy.
    — Submit your ideas to Craftgawker, Foodgawker, TasteSpotting etc. Yes they are very particular and you might get ten rejections for every one accepted project, but you will see a huge traffic boost anytime your work is featured. There are lots of other content specific sites that still maintain a high-quality standard without being as selective as the gawkers are. features kid-related crafts, and is another great one too.
  2. Pin your work to group boards. When I pin something to one of my personal Pinterest boards, it gets seen by the people who follow me, which gives me good exposure, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what happens if I pin on a group board that has twenty times the audience!
    — Join some group boards with a larger following than your own. Sometimes you’ll receive invites to these boards; other times you may have to reach out and ask to become a pinner.
    — Once you’ve got a few big group boards in your repertoire, make use of them for pinning your work regularly.
    — Always follow Pinterest etiquette by sharing appropriate ideas for that particular board {ie: no chocolate cookies on the craft board}.
  3. Join with other bloggers to promote each other. If you missed our post about Building Blog Relationships, now is the time to make friends and use them!
    — Chat with them on skype or in a private FB group to bounce ideas off of them.
    — Make it a weekly event to promote one another’s posts.  I’m a member of several blogger groups on Facebook and we have weekly schedules that help us share each others work across the various social media platforms. One day, we all share posts we’d like the others to pin, another day we retweet each other on Twitter etc. We each have our own individual communities so our cross-promotions reach people that may not have otherwise been reached.
  4.  Recycle and reshare seasonally appropriate posts. All of us have posts in our archives that never got the love they deserved.  I have some really awesome “pre-Pinterest” Halloween and Fall projects that were only seen by about 12 followers back in 2011.
    — As a particular season or holiday approaches, tweet, pin, and share the links to those old posts so new people can enjoy them.
    — You can also refresh and republish “oldies but goodies” by changing the date to present-day. This will take some of the pressure off you of coming up with new content- win/win!
    — Link to your old posts in your new posts. This encourages people to continue exploring your site.  For example, on Monday, I shared a post about how to make some Crystal Dangle Earrings.  The beads were the same as one I used a few weeks ago for another jewelry project, so it was only natural to link to that and say, “You may remember these beads from my Beaded Necklace Charm…”  Anytime you can, get people to stay on your site and check out your other work.  Plugins like LinkWithin and Engageya that feature “You may also like…” and then show thumbnails of a few related posts are awesome for this too.
  5. Make use of SEO plug-ins. SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization” means making the Google bots think your post is THE most relevant post on the internet for whatever Jane Smith is going to type in her Google search bar.  Search engines are my #1 source of traffic.  There are great plugins, like Yoast, that will help you to optimize your posts so that they show up as close to the top of a search result page as possible.  Make sure you take advantage of these; they’re easy to use and will really make a difference.  When I switched from Blogger to WP and started paying attention to SEO, determining and using keywords, and doing all I could to optimize my posts, my pageviews literally doubled.  Just do it.

There are plenty of other ways to increase pageviews- do you have a tip you’d like to share? Leave us a comment below and let’s all help each other! Good luck!

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Amy is the creative author of One Artsy Mama. She was a Somewhat Simple Creative Team Member in 2013.

This post originally published in September 2013 and was updated in 2015

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