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Because blogging is almost entirely visual, it’s important to think about what your site design is telling your visitors. Here are a few blog design tips to consider.

You’ve officially started a blog and are all set up with a dot com. You’re well on your way to learning about SEO and all things “technical”, buuuut your design skills might be lacking and you’re in need of some help. Once again, you’ve come to the right place!


Helpful Blog Design Tips

When someone lands on your website, they get their first impression of everything you have to offer based on your site’s overall look and feel. Before they read a single word of what you have to say, they’ll notice your layout and design. Your background, your logo, your images, and the overall appearance of your blog make a statement about you, and readers will make a snap judgment, for better or worse.

Whether you are confident in what you have going on, or you’re struggling to get it looking how you want it to, here are a few questions to ask yourself as you critique your current design.

1. Is it original?

There are a lot of color and style trends that get really popular from time to time and then all of a sudden, everyone has a new blog design and they’re all the same colors and themes.  Are they attractive looking?  Absolutely.  But can you immediately tell what blog you’re visiting?  Not always.

Coming up with a color scheme and some kind of identifiable logo or graphic that sets your blog apart goes a long way.

What is it that makes your blog look special and unique?

When readers come to my site, I want them to know they’re on my blog and not one one of the other thousands of blogs out there.  For this reason, I think it is important to create your own “brand”. Create a style that is unique to only you and use that same logo, colors, fonts etc, on all your social platforms and shop pages too.

2. Is it “you?”

Your “look” should say something about who you are or what your blog is about.

  • Does your design reflect things/colors/themes you like? The one time I tried following a popular design trend, I made a header with a chevron background and some design elements that were super trendy. But I never loved it because it’s just not “me.”
  • Is it cohesive with what you blog about? If you are writing a blog about kid’s crafts and activities, maybe choose a design that is more playful. If your blog is about photography, you’ll probably want a design that let’s your photos do the talking.

3. Is it neat and well organized?

Part of the immediate judgment new readers make has to do with how “professional” your blog looks. Here are some things to consider –

  • Is your header an appropriate size for your blog and correctly centered?
  • Is it easy to read your title?
  • Is your blog text easy to read {both font and size}?
  • Is your blog too cluttered?
  • Does it appear to be organized, or does it just look like things were thrown up there any old way?

4. Is it cohesive?

Part of making your blog look professional and attractive is that the whole thing “goes together.” Make sure your header/logo matches or compliments your layout and background and that you social media icons and other elements look like they belong together. If you give your blog a facelift, make sure it’s a complete redesign so you don’t have elements that look out of place.


It’s totally worth investing your time in design because it’s the first impression that every person who visits your blog will have – that means readers and potential sponsors too!

As you play around with the design of you’re site, you’ll come up with some things you like, and some things you don’t. Keep experimenting until you find the design that makes you say YES!

I know there is a LOT to think about and learn when you’re putting your blog together.  I can’t count the hours I have spent on designing pieces of my blog, trying to size things correctly, and getting it all to look “just right.”  And there have been times when I just couldn’t figure out how to do some particular thing.  But I’ve also learned that there are plenty of other people out there with lots of experience who can give you a hand and talk you through it.

Good luck!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Amy is the creative blogger from One Artsy Mama and was a monthly contributor on Somewhat Simple in 2015.

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