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Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers Printable


These Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers make a simple gift that you can make in just minutes!

Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers

Our Thanksgiving and Christmas Candy Bars were a hit last year, we thought we’d offer some for Halloween! These candy bars make a great gift for neighbors, friends, teachers, or even party favors for some pretty lucky guests!

Not only are they super easy to put together, they are also an affordable way to say “Thanks” or “I’m thinking of You”.

…And we just love easy ways to brighten someone’s day!

Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers


  • candy bars
  • Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers (link below)
  • glue or tape (I prefer tape)


  1. First, download, print off, and cut out how eve many wrappers you need.
  2. Wrap around candy bars, tape (or glue) secure, and you’re done!

I love it when a gift is so stinkin’ easy, and so stinkin’ cute!  We just had Parent Teacher Conference, so I handed one of these to each of my children’s teachers. Just a fun way to say thank you for all they do!

I love how they turned out, and hope you all enjoy them as well! Happy Halloween!

Click here to download our darling Candy Bar Wrappers

Please note: As with all our printnables on Somewhat Simple, these candy bar wrappers are for personal use only. You may not sell them, mass produce them, or claim them as your own. (We sadly see this happen all too often!) If you have a question about this, feel free to email us – we are totally nice. 🙂 

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