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How to Document the Funny Things Kids Say


Some of my favorite memories to think about are the funny things my kids have said.

My oldest son told me (when he was 3) that he wanted to be a mom when he grows up so he doesn’t have to work.

My son told his preschool class that the best way to get away from a dangerous spider was to pick it up and rip off its legs so it couldn’t chase you.

One of my kids asked me (when he was 3) if the word Pornography was Spanish because he didn’t understand what it meant.

The same child, who was often in time-out for using “potty words” explained to me one day about the difficult time he was having looking for his hockey gear to play hockey in the back yard. He said, “I found my stick but I can’t find the ……….Ā Ā  I’m not trying to say a potty word, but I can’t find the balls!”

I love it when my kids mimic funny quotes from movies and it is funny (and often eye-opening) when they repeat lines they heard from us adults- am I right?

I would say that my husband and I talk almost daily about something funny the kids said to one of us- and I want to remember every single conversation that made me laugh. I decided I would to get a journal that was solely to record the cute and funny things my kids said. It wasn’t going to be anything fancy, perhaps even just a lined notebook. And then I saw this:

…and so I made this:

My very own Quotable journal to record the funny things, the sweet things and everything in between that comes out of my kids’ mouths.

I ordered mine from Paper Coterie, but they have since gone out of business.

There are spaces to write the short, funny things your kids say as well as places to write longer conversations.

I absolutely love this book and I cannot wait to fill it.

I think I will also record encouraging quotes I’ve heard and advice friends have given me. Like this one, which got me through a pretty difficult time in my life:

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